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Stuttgart: After the killing of the sword – the brother of the suspect speaks – horrifying details


In Stuttgart, a man was stabbed in the street. Eyewitnesses saw the offender walking with a sword at the man. Now the brother is talking about the act.

  • In Stuttgart, a 36-year-old man was stabbed in the street Wednesday night.
  • The murder weapon is a "sword-like object", probably a machete.
  • A suspect was arrested that evening.

Update 20:25: The Stuttgart murder is now reaching a political debate: controversial Green Boris Palmer has emerged as a guest of FAZ accusations – many people trivialize the violence of asylum seekers, he warns. At the same time, Palmer warned against the trivialization of right-wing violence.

Stuttgart Sword Killing: Suspect's brother reveals frightening details

Updated on August 6, 2019 at 9:54 am: The 36-year-old's stunning act in Stuttgart shocked a little less than a week after the sword killing. Now the brother of the alleged perpetrator spoke for the first time in an interview. In a conversation with photo Ahmad M tells his brother: "He told us that he was in Turkey, where he had forged a Syrian passport." In February 2015, the urgently suspected Issa M. then came to Germany.

Then Isa M. became a criminal for the first time in September 2017. "He met a German-Arab woman and got married under Islamic law. Six months later it turned out that she was still married. He left her after telling him that the twins in her belly were different, "the alleged criminal's brother explains. Then Isa M. beat the woman.

Stuttgart: More details about the sword killing

In sharing with the later victim Wilhelm L., more and more arguments had to be made. After the alleged killer of the sword even had to move out of the apartment, he declared revenge against his family. "He called us and said that his roommate had made his life hell and now he would make his own hell," the brother explains in a photo interview.

However, his brother's case cannot be understood by Ahmad M .: “I recognized my brother and I was shocked. Something must have gone wrong that my brother committed such a brutal act. "

Update 3:30 pm: More and more details are known about the brutal bloody case in Stuttgart. As previously reported, a man stabbed his former roommate on the street Wednesday night with a sword. Now the reports photoThe victim's 11-year-old daughter had to watch the murder.

Accordingly, the offender planted the 36-year-old youth in front of the former common apartment. When he got home with his daughter, the killer started shouting at him. A little later, he began stabbing his victim. In addition to numerous passers-by, Wilhelm L.'s daughter did witness.

Sword murder in Stuttgart: The killers have serious criminal records – and lived under a false identity in Germany

Updated on August 3, 2019, 2:30 pm Clock: The killer of the sword is said to have lived under false identity in Germany. Before killing his roommate in Stuttgart with a sword in the street on August 1, 28-year-old Issa M. had apparently already committed other crimes. by pictorialThe Jordanian came to Germany in 2015 and pretended to be a Syrian. Apparently with success, because only a few months later he received a residence permit, the newspaper wrote. He had to work with his roommate daily.

In Stuttgart, WG lived next to Isa M. and his 36-year-old victim Wilhelm L. also Senan A. (39). Meeting of photoThe newspaper states that Isa M. undoubtedly made use of his food and clothing: "He simply did not follow any rules." There were clashes every day.

Sword Killing in Stuttgart: Did He Kill Because of It?

How did the murder happen? Since Isa M. had not paid his rent, Wilhelm L. had to report it to the landlord – after which the later killer of the sword took off. The two roommates would have no contact with Isa M., the newspaper said photo Senanu AA did not comment on a possible motive of the former roommate.

At the same time, it is said that the sword-killer shouted "What did you send to Berlin?""Be in one of the videos of blood circulating on the Internet. Had Wilhelm L. revealed and reported on Isa M.'s false identity?

Stuttgart Horror Act: Sword killer known to police

Issa M.'s criminal record is long. He is reported to have reported in Berlin and then lived in Potsdam before moving to WG at Wilhelm L. in Stuttgart in 2018. During this time, he beat his pregnant partner and was in court for the offense. That's right photo reported, once sentenced local district court Isa M. to 900, once to a fine of 225 euros. He also broke two slot machines in Berlin – so he was wanted for serious theft.

Sword kill in Stuttgart on Open Street: Police report details of suspect

Updated on August 2, 4:58 pm: A police spokesman confirmed that the suspect was already known to police before the fact – the cause remains unclear. On the speculation of false identity, the official said, "We cannot go into speculation." It is about acquiring secure knowledge.

The perpetrator is still in possession of the sword. However, according to the arms dealer, such items are freely available to any adult.

Hundreds of clues have already been received by police. Including many links to attack videos.

Updated on August 2. 11,42 hours: What nationality does the arrested suspect have? The man is referred to in Germany as a Syrian. However, there are rumors that he is Palestinian. That's right photo he is a Palestinian Jordanian.

Stuttgart Sword Kill: Witness calls for frightening details

Updated on August 2, 2019 at 10:52 am: on photo describes further details of the crime. According to the perpetrator, he was lurking his victim late Wednesday afternoon in front of his front door. Since it is said that they shared an apartment on the fourth floor a few weeks ago, he knew the habits of the 36-year-old, whose name was given by William L.

Even before the front door, there was a strong dispute that should have stemmed from the later culprit. Finally, the man reached for a "sword-like object" that he apparently carried in an envelope. While the perpetrator stabbed his victim, Wilhelm L.'s eleven-year-old daughter, also present, fled in shock.

The victim prays, "No, please stop." But this led to the offender as much as the request of Iranian witness Ansari I, photo explained: "I told him to stop in Arabic. He didn't notice me. "

Wilhelm L. died a few hours before his birthday. About 160 minutes after the attack, the attacker was arrested four kilometers away.

Updated on August 2, 2019, 7:05 pm: Following the deadly stabbing on Stuttgart Street, police want to hear more witnesses on Friday. Among them were residents and acquaintances of the victim and the alleged perpetrator, a police spokesman said. In addition, the motive for Wednesday night's bloody case should be clarified.

So far, investigators have come out of personal motives. It is alleged that the suspect lived with the victim until recently. Before the attack, the two were fighting, the 28-year-old then had to stab the 36-year-old with a sword.

The identity of the suspect, who admitted to police Thursday and is in custody, has not been fully verified. So far, police believe he is Syrian and has been living in Germany with a valid residence status since 2015. "That's how it was registered," a spokesman said. Whether this information is actually correct remains to be verified. In any case, the suspect was already familiar with the police with that identity – but the spokesman did not comment on the backstory.

Stuttgart survives murder with sword: Witness reports cruel details

Update from 20.11 clock: Following the deadly attack on Stuttgart's open road, the suspect has been released. Many witnesses had to helplessly watch Wednesday night's brutal act. A witness reported this photoJournal of the details of the act of violence.

The culprit is said to have smashed his 36-year-old victim with a sword as a scepter photoNewspaper, 74-year-old retiree Hilde F. The 36-year-old tried to escape from her tormentor in an approaching car. But he grabbed hold of him and pulled him out again. The criminal threw the 36-year-old to the floor and stabbed him in the abdomen before slitting his throat. "Then everyone shouted and people followed him," she quoted photo the pensioner continues.

According to other testimonies so reported photo, the culprit is said to have shouted, "Why did you do this?" What he might have meant, but so far unknown.

A man killed in Stuttgart.

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Sword killing in Stuttgart: alleged perpetrator admitted – personal motive?

However, the motive for the crime, according to the police, has to be found in the personal sphere. A 28-year-old suspect was arrested. As Stuttgart police said Thursday night, he has already admitted the act.

The judge in charge issued the arrest warrant, police said in the afternoon. The perpetrators and the victims, apparently, lived together in a common apartment. Police see "no evidence of Islamist or political origin". Investigations are continuing, according to information.

Stuttgart: Prosecutor's office appointed because videos of the crime were released online

Update from 6/18 clock: With a sword, one man had to kill another man in the middle of a street in Stuttgart. Police suggest personal motives for the act. The identity of the alleged perpetrator has yet to be clarified.

After the fact, several videos were distributed on the Internet. Investigators believe the films are authentic. Police use the films to protect evidence, a spokesman said. Investigators will contact Internet users and ask them to remove videos from the web.

The Stuttgart prosecutor checks that the people who recorded and uploaded the videos were punished. According to one speaker, it is about "breaching very privacy by taking pictures". The Landeskriminalamt Baden-Wuerttemberg said in a tweet that "the production and distribution of media showing cruel or inhumane acts of violence against people" are prohibited.

Update from 4:18 pm: The suspect has so far been cited as a 28-year-old Syrian national. According to information from Stuttgart-Nachrichten However, a man must live for four years under a false identity in Germany. According to him, he is actually already 30 years old and a Palestinian. According to the report, it is now being determined whether "he really is a different person".

Update as of 3:45: Because of the videos circulating on the internet about the bloody affair, he has been criticizing Twitter. Police commented on the videos.

Sword Kill in Stuttgart: New details for suspects

12:30 PM Update: In an interview with television broadcaster World, a police spokesman said the suspect came to Germany in 2015 according to current knowledge. During the interrogation an interpreter on duty.

Update 12.14: Police say the urgently suspected man has been arrested for 28 years. He is registered as a Syrian citizen in Germany. He lived with his victim in a shared apartment. There is no additional information on the motive. The detainee is due to appear before the magistrate on Thursday.

Stuttgart stabbed in Stuttgart: alleged perpetrators and victims lived in a shared apartment

Updated as of 11:26: The malicious act is expected to be circulated online, as reported by *. This is taken from a balcony.

10:01 AM update: It is alleged that the murder weapon was found in a bush in the evening. However, there is still no confirmation of what the object is.

Updated on August 1, 9:43 am: RTL speaks to a local. The woman said of the case: "The neighbor who was looking wanted to jump inside and then said, 'There is no purpose.'Offenders, Red.) took out his sword and shouted, "What have you done?" and slit his throat. "

Stuttgart: The killing of the sword obviously followed a dispute

First Notice of July 31: Stuttgart – A 36-year-old man was killed on the street in Stuttgart. The act took place on Wednesday night at 6.10pm. According to a police spokesman, the man was apparently stabbed in a "sword-like" argument. The murder weapon was reportedly a machete – but this has not been confirmed. Immediate rescue efforts were unsuccessful.

Stuttgart: A man stabbed with a sword or machete – the culprit is fleeting

After the deadly attack, it is alleged that the alleged perpetrator escaped by bicycle. After the man was also searched by helicopter. At 9:00 pm, police finally arrested one man. At first, however, it was unclear whether this was the wanted suspect. The man will be heard this Thursday. The background to the case and the participants were initially unknown.

A man stabbed in Stuttgart: perpetrators caught?

The crime occurred in the southern Fasanenhof neighborhood, located directly on Highway 8 and Federal Highway 27. There are many multi-storey residential buildings around the crime scene.

At a Frankfurt main station, a boy (8) and his mother were hit by a man in front of an ICE. The mother managed to escape, the child died. There are new details about the alleged perpetrator.

Video: A man in Stuttgart allegedly stabbed to death with a machete

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