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Tips from analysts: Updates for Daimler, German Euroshop, K + S, and General Electric | message

Exane BNP appoints Daimler with & # 39; Outperform & # 39; and targeting up to 64 euros

PARIS – French investment bank Exane BNP Paribas has increased Daimler from neutral to outperforming and raising its target price from 62 to 64 euros. With the new management team from the automaker from May and new products, stocks, which have passed the past, look even more valuable, analyst Stuart Pearson wrote in a study available on Friday. The potential value of Daimler's mobility services may also be underestimated.

Mainfirst dropped Leoni to be & # 39; neutral & # 39; and ends at 34 euros

FRANKFURT – Mainfirst has reduced LEONI to "Neutral" according to the quarterly figure of "Outperforming" and lowering its target price from 63 to 34 euros. Auto parts suppliers have performed poorly and also released earnings warnings, analyst Florian Treisch wrote in a study available on Friday. After a good last year and a good start in 2018, the market is not ready for a slump in the second half of this year. He lowered the estimated operating income (EBIT). In the coming quarters, almost nothing should change for the better.

Independent Research reduces German Euro Europop

FRANKFURT – Independent Research analyst company has assessed Deutsche Euroshop from "buying" to "hold" according to figures for the third quarter and lowered its target price from 39 to 31 euros. Although real estate investors specializing in shopping centers have performed well, analyst Markus Rießelmann wrote in a study available on Friday. However, even after the beginning of the stock market turmoil in early October, the shares have not yet reached the runway.

Citigroup decreases Evonik to & # 39; Neutral & # 39; and target at 29 euros

LONDON – US Bank Citigroup has assessed Evonik from "buying" to "neutral" and lowering its target price from 36 to 29 euros. As analyst Thomas Wrigglesworth wrote in a study available on Friday, he now looks more cautious on products from specialized chemical companies. Coupled with a reduction in inventory, this nail counteracts earnings estimates and also obscures the prospects for free cash flow.

Commerzbank dropped Rhön-Klinikum to & # 39; Reduce & # 39; and targeting at 19 euros

FRANKFURT – According to the quarterly figures of "Hold", Commerzbank has reduced RHÖN-KLINIKUM to "Reduce" and lowered its target price from 25 to 19 euros. Because of the results and a more careful view of the German hospital market, analyst Oliver Metzger lowered his sales estimate for clinic operators in a study on Friday. Given the prospect of diminishing takeovers, stock valuations appear expensive.

Independent research puts K + S on hold – the target is lowered

FRANKFURT – K + S (K + S) Independent Research Analyst was upgraded from "sell" to "hold" after the third quarter figure was "weak", but lowered the target price from 18 to 17 euros. Business development was weighed down by production losses due to drought in Germany, wrote analyst Sven Diermeier in a study available on Friday. He lowered most of his earnings per share, but also mentioned the first clue for 2019 positive.

Kepler raised Dialog Semiconductor to & # 39; Hold & # 39; and targeting at 25 euros

FRANKFURT – Kepler Cheuvreux's analysis house has increased Dialog Semiconductor from "Reduce" to "Hold" and raised the price target from 20 to 25 euros. Despite the unexpected evolution of iPhone sales and the semiconductor cycle cycle, Apple's supplier stock has dropped far enough to save it to a significant negative, said analyst Sebastien Sztabowicz in a study on Friday. He now no longer expects the margins to drop sharply as before.

Warburg Research raised cancellations on & # 39; Buy & # 39;

HAMBURG – The Warburg Research analysis house raised Cancom (CANCOM SE) ratings to a quarterly figure from "hold" to "buy", but left the target price at 40 euros. After a dynamic third quarter, the last quarter must also be solid for IT service providers and cloud providers, analyst Andreas Wolf wrote in a study available on Friday. After the price is reset, the valuation of the newspaper becomes even more interesting.

Goldman Lowered the Target for General Electric to $ 9 – & # 39; Neutral & # 39;

NEW YORK – US investment bank Goldman Sachs has lowered the price target for General Electric (GE) (General Electric) from $ 12 to $ 9, leaving ratings on Neutral. There are still many unknowns and more questions than answers, said analyst Joe Ritchie in a study available on Friday. For the conglomerate's financial services division, GE Capital, headwinds can increase.

Goldman lowers Nvidia from the target & # 39; Register for Convination & # 39;

NEW YORK – US investment bank Goldman Sachs has removed NVIDIA from the quarterly figures from the "Buy Rejection List", but left ratings on "buy". The target price has been lowered from $ 283 to $ 200. He has shares that are completely wrong, analyst Toshiya Hari wrote in a study available on Friday. Since entering the "Concession Purchase List", the share price has dropped 15.5 percent. He underestimated the increase in GPU storage for gaming applications. Current stock with a potential price of almost 20 percent to the new lowered target price, only "buy".

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