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Uncomfortable shoes: Woman gets blood poisoning – because of foot blister!


If you have a foot blister, you know how painful it can be. But a UK woman almost lost her legs because of her uncomfortable shoes. Because a small balloon was followed by dangerous blood poisoning.

Gemma Downey, 23, knows what it means to wear dangerously high shoes. As a model and also privately, she loves her high heels above all else. But now she almost had to pay with her foot for that preference in this case she had resorted to only the espadrilles on the plateau. The small bladder of the heel quickly developed into a large, open wound. And as "" now reports, all the work was in poor blood poisoning. How can this happen?

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The young Briton was struggling with intense pain

In her new shoes, Gemma was on her way to the train when she noticed that a balloon was developing. At first it was only a small wound, but when it became discolored and became larger, she went to a doctor who sent her home. "The pain was just terrible," says the much-suffering Briton. Other shoes could no longer relieve the symptoms.

The next morning it was clear: it was more than just a painful wound. The 23-year-old vomited, had a heartbeat and the skin turned bluish. "I had whole-body pain, chest pain and breathing problems. I knew something was wrong, "she says, looking back. The young Briton quickly went to the hospital. Diagnosis: blood poisoning.

It could have done much worse

Jemma spent two days in the hospital. Fortunately, she was still in the early stages of blood poisoning, so doctors could prevent the worse. "I know it can be deadly," Gemma says today. According to the doctors, she just acted at the right moment – only a little later and blood poisoning could spread even further. The price for uncomfortable shoes? Would it be her leg or her life?


Bubble on your feet

Emergency medical Service
Here's how to treat the bubbles properly

Freshly groomed, the pumps shine from the boot and want to be filled. Perfect clothes, perfect shoes! At the height of the evening, the alarm point in the shoe starts to hurt. A bubble is formed, preferably on the small innocent finger or heel. It can ruin the evening. We show you how to prevent blisters and treat them properly in an emergency!

Gemma wants to warn the women

But luckily everything went well and the 23-year-old is on track to recover. For three months, she was only allowed to wear flip flops and sandals, so that the ugly wound would heal gradually.

In the future, Gemma will continue to wear fashion shoes, but wants to educate others about the possible consequences of uncomfortable thirds. Because even a small balloon can be very dangerous. According to the young woman, women should have one thing first: to trust their instincts when they are feeling ill and to go to a doctor immediately.


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