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Update 10.00 inclined city – German patch notes


Fortnite: Battle Royale presents the first update on the contents of the first patch 10.0 in season 10 You can find the notes on the German patches here. Among other things, it is a new weapon and a construction ban.

This is in the new update by 10am: In addition to the new sniper rifle, you'll find a few more cool updates in the 10.0 update. Including the new sloping towers and the ban on construction.

Features and content of Patch 10.0 in PvP

New Weapon – Automatic
This weapon shoots quickly and accurately at a distance
Distance. The shells are faster, but there is only a reduced magnification.

  • Availability:
    epic, legendary
  • damage:
    31/33/35; Headshots are counted twice
  • ammunition:
  • Magazine:

These items take off: Not at all. All the elements in the game
stay as they are.

New Zone – Inclined City: As hinted at by Leaks, Neo Tilted is a story for the first time. The futuristic city was brought back to the past by a gap in space and time, when it was still called the "Slanted City" and lay in the Wild West.

In Tilting City, you can't build and dig anything.
Everything is invariable and therefore ideal for those who do not want to build either

In addition, the sloping city contains spawning elements that only exist there

  • Double barrel gun
  • firearm
  • hunting rifle
  • Infantry rifle (ordinary)

This changes in creative mode:
In creative mode, you can now build Viking-themed objects. also
There is a limited game mode called "Sky Station Showdown" where you
Win points and hold.

What about Meh Nerf? The controversial Mech is probably not changed in patch 10.0. Whoever is worried about them must first continue to live with the fact that there are powerful Swords in the game.

The correction highlights from the update to 10.00 in PvE

New Mission – Road to Summer: this
Time to accompany a top-rocker so he is his super summer hit
the radio can import. There are also weekly quests.


New Weapon Weapon: The drum gun
The typewriter is back in the event store to have it.

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