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Valerie Holsboer – Employment Agency says leader – business

  • Valery Holsbacher, the first woman on the board of the Federal Employment Agency, must leave her post.
  • On Friday, the board of directors ended their contract prematurely, preceded by an internal power struggle for staff.
  • As a legal successor, Utah Kord can follow the post in the medium term. She was the head of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees until 2018, currently working at the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Only two years later, Valerie Hallsber must leave. On Friday, the powerful board of directors of the Federal Employment Agency in Nuremberg ruled that the 42-year-old had to leave his post on three people prematurely. In this way, Holsboer has lost the dirty, held for weeks in the struggle for power. Employers' representatives on board, led by Peter Clayer, stood up against them, choosing the 42-year-old once in office. Friday says the relationship is "broken".

Holsboer's successor must be resolved in the autumn. The candidate is Christiane Schonefeld, regional director of the North Rhine-Westphalia Federal Agency. The 61-year-old is praised by in-house people. "She is one of the best we have," says one of the authorities. However, Schoenefeld may be a temporary decision because of his age. This is to give a plan to rise after her Jutta Cordt in the post. The 55-year-old currently works at the Federal Ministry of the Interior. She was fired in 2018 as head of the Bamf federation in the course of the debate on asylum claims unfairly handed over to Bamf's office in Bremen. Later it turned out that the figures were not as high as originally thought.

In the employer's camp, before the decision, it was emphasized that Holsboers' early termination plans with a five-year contract of around € 250,000 per year were purely technical. She was brilliant in self-presentation, but there was little in staff management and financial affairs. For the main task as long-term unemployment opens, she thinks nothing. However, the CEO's supporters speak of the intrigue: the real reason is that Clever's Holsboer, the central man in the employer's camp, can not be controlled as he wishes. Dorothy Bar, a state minister in the office, speaks this week about "devastating signals for dealing with people both inside and outside."

Labor and social work at the Federal Employment Agency

A good fight at the Federal Employment Agency

Business representatives want to get rid of Valery Holsbourg, the first woman on the board of the Federal Employment Agency. Internal documents show how hard they are fighting for one of the most important state posts in the republic.By Alexander Hageluken

Holsboer reacted disappointed with the decision. Over the past two years, she has done everything to achieve BA in the future. "There is still a lot to be done, so I'm sorry for the outcome of the election – it was also so unnecessary and badly strong."

The Federal Audit Office checks the travel expenses of the Board of Directors

The relationship between Holsboer and Clever has long been considered heavy loaded, at least. Once he was brought by the employer's camp, eventually a counterbalance could be created on the board of BA's chief Detlef Scheele, who is close to the SPD. But Holsboer did not want to play that role. The ugly soon expressed indignation. An internal one says about him: "He thought he could do whatever he wanted with Holsbury. Participants describe that the executive has asked another employer representative for mediation only in a few months. Mediation has little benefit. The mind is often strong, it says. Once he even threw a legal book on the table. In the direction where Holsbear was sitting.

The 21-member Board of Directors is implemented by politics, trade unions and employers. And the powerful body is not just the focus of Holsboer-Personalie: The Federal Audit Office is currently studying the travel behavior of the board of directors and their settlements. Auditors do not give names in a preliminary report, but figures: According to this, several members of the Board of Directors have been reimbursed in 2018 for each night in a five-star hotel, but the Clearing House has not asked any questions. The tone of the report is clearly critical, but the body will have to respond before it becomes clearer.

In any case, the Court of Auditors has submitted its preliminary report unusually fast. Insiders suspect that this may be clever with an old feud between the Court of Auditors and the Board of Directors, which in the past has already been legally dueling. And Holsboers' opponents and supporters stressed that they did not use the announcement of travel expenses investigation: "Such a charge closes the ranks on board," one said.

Work and socially dangerous management

Federal Employment Agency

Dangerous management

The disembarkation of the first woman on board is a symbol of lack of professionalism. The Employment Agency should work very well at the moment.Commentary by Alexander Hageluken

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