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VfB makes millions of losses – CFO Heim calls for a "higher impact" on transfers

An interest in Sandhausen's forester

VfB Stuttgart lost 11.7 million euros in 2018 calendar year. This was stated by Chief Financial Officer Stefan Haim (photo) on Sunday at the general meeting of the second Bundesliga club.

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The wrestling have had in their AF 2018 football, among other things, staff costs of almost 84 million euros, including, for example, the player's salary falls. In addition, some € 10.8 million was spent on player advisors. The total cost of EUR 166.1 million was offset by revenue of EUR 154.4 million.

"Loss was planned and lower than expected," said Heim. With respect to the entire 2018/19 fall season, the swordsmanship under his former sports director, Michael Rechke, passed costs of about 47 million euros – more than ever. However, he said, "We have not burned any money." But "we need a higher percentage of transfers."

Kabak and Co.
Access to VfB Stuttgart
For review
Of the three recordings made last season, only one is active in Stuttgart: Ozan Cabak (11m euros) hit and joined by a starting fee of 15m euros for FC Schalke 04. Retired right-backed defender Pablo Mafeo (9m euros ) was awarded to FC Girona. Nicholas Gonzalez (8.5m euros), who scored two goals in 30 games in the Bundesliga, is still on the VfB ball after falling.

market value
Ozan Cabak

O. Kabak

15.00 Millions of euros

Center back

Purchases of this magnitude can not be seen in the current transfer: despite transfer revenues of nearly EUR 54 million, Stuttgart has so far invested EUR 9.4 million in its ten new acquisitions, according to the Kicker information, to increase by a further 2 Increase in euro. This is the sum that SV Sandhausen has recently requested from midfielder Philip Fehster (24).

market value
Philip Feerster

P. Forester

1.50 Millions of euros

Attacking midfielder

Although sports director Sven Musselton described the plans of the Swabians that had been taken as a whole, the club wanted to return his former youth player. There are, however, two factors against the commitment: on the one hand, the Bundesliga clubs, including the Federation of IFC Berlin, report interest. On the other hand, Sandhausen is no longer ready to let Förster move despite the contract expiring in 2020. "At that time, Philip Fehster was not sold. We have set a deadline for which we place the player in the amount that has already passed. The sale of Philip Förster is definitely not a problem for us, "said Sporting Director Mikhail Kabatska to Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung.

Sporting director Thomas Hitzlperger already works on returning to Stuttgart for Christian Gentner (33) and Andreas Beck (32). The veterans, whose contracts were not renewed after relegation and who have already entered into a contract with Union Berlin (Gentner) and KAS Eupen (Beck), should support the club in the future, however. On the issue of Gentner, Hitzelsperger said: "We have started discussions and I look forward to the day when he opens again." The same goes for Beck.

market value
Christian Gentner

C. Gentner

1.50 Millions of euros

Central environment

The mark farewell to the Sports Council according to David Copac (20) – when Hitzelsperger thanked the departing of this summer, he even counted for the midfield. Even if the transfer is not yet entirely in the towel, according to Stuttgarter Nachrichten, VfB and Kopacz are negotiating with a club abroad for a loan.

market value
David Kopach

D. Kopacz


Attacking midfielder

Stuttgart also lost 13.9 million euros in 2017 in view of relegation to the second league in the summer of 2016. Following the resumption of the decline and related financial losses, the financial result should also be negative in the financial year 2019.

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