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Wacken: shock! The mother attends a popular festival – then it follows a baby tragedy


While her 20-year-old mother was celebrating at the Weeken Festival, her dead baby was found on a field in Rieseby in Schleswig-Holstein.

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An incredible act in Schleswig-Holstein shakes Germany. A 20-year-old woman threw her dead baby into the field – and then went to the Wackon Festival.

  • A dead baby was found on a field in Rieseby in Schleswig-Holstein
  • Investigators found a 20-year-old mother of a baby
  • The young woman was arrested at the Wackon Festival

Wacken / Schleswig-Holstein – On Thursday (August 2nd) it was on a field in Rieseby in Schleswig-Holstein a dead baby found. As prosecutors have stated, Keel is 20 years old mother by baby, The boy woman was arrested on Friday – on Wacken Festival! About that Baby Drama by Wacken Festival in Schleswig-Holstein Reported *,

Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein: Mother Throws Dead Baby Into Field and Goes to Wacken Festival

Like the 20 year old woman stated at the hearing, it was theirs baby a the birth of a dead child, The strong breakup corpse have been on field in Rieseby in Schleswig-Holstein find. According to a report from the local newspaper SHZ, it has been there since mid-2018. At first autopsy, no signs of alienation were found. on motheron Wacken Festival he was arrested, now even released. She lives right next to the place of the baby's body in Rieseby (Schleswig-Holstein),

Meanwhile, there was a children's drama in Gifhorn near Wolfsburg when two family cars crashed into each other.

Rieseby in Schleswig-Holstein: Mother Throws Baby Back in Mid-2018

onbaby was wrapped in cloth in a box in a box Rieseby in Schleswig-Holstein is open. "There were no signs of external violence after the initial preliminary results," Kiel prosecutor quoted Kieler Nachrichten as saying. The final medical report may be available in the coming days. Why mother you think she is stillborn baby on field thrown, is still unknown. The 20-year-old woman by Rieseby in Schleswig-Holstein is silent on the allegations.

This year's Wacken Festival was the 30th edition and started with 800 people in the gravel. Lena-Mayer Landrut, who was in a private place, was surprised at the Wackon festival by surprise.

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