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WhatsApp: Hardly anyone knows – so restore deleted messages


Messenger WhatsApp has a 2017 feature that allows you to delete messages. But there is also a feature that can be used to recover deleted messages.

Munich – In 2017, WhatsApp's messaging service introduced a new feature designed to end the suffering of many users struggling to automatically correct their mobile phones. Since messages that contain bothersome or spammy messages can be made simply
to be deleted.

WhatsApp: Can you read deleted messages from the back?

All you have to do is touch the message you want to delete and then delete it with the trash can icon at the top of the screen. This feature can be especially useful if you accidentally send a message to the wrong recipient. But are the deleted messages really deleted forever, or is it possible to read what was written after the deletion?

First, let me tell you: WhatsApp messages are not permanently deleted. While it is not very easy to show them again, it is not possible anyway. Because messenger service basically stores the chat logs of its users so that they can store their messages even if they change their mobile phone. For example, if you receive a message from your partner that you are deleting shortly afterwards, it is still possible to read it after deletion.

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Show deleted WhatsApp messages again: quoting offers an opportunity

For example, if someone cites a message before it is deleted, the original message is no longer displayed, but the quoted version can still be viewed. The WhatsApp Citation feature is used by dragging the desired message far to the right edge of the screen. The selected message is then displayed as a quote above the corresponding response.

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But even without quoting WhatsApp, messages can still be displayed after deletion. Like the portal reports, by downloading third-party applications, you can create your own chat logs that contain the entire message history. They can then be displayed seamlessly and also contain deleted messages afterwards. Only if the mentioned applications have already been installed on the phone when the message you want to read later is deleted.

WhatsApp: Show messages again after deletion – apps make it possible

An example of such an application is the Notification History Journal. However, installing such an application allows you to access all the WhatsApp information. If you are concerned about the security of your data, you should be careful here.

In addition, there is another option on the Internet to display deleted messages from WhatsApp again. To do this, you must enable the OS Developer Options (Android only possible) and then – at least in theory – have direct access to WhatsApp data.

Deleted WhatsApp Messages: Show again via Developer Options

To enable Developer Options, you must select the "For Phone" and "Software Information" sub-items in the general settings. In the submenu shown below, you repeatedly press the "build number" point repeatedly until a pop-up message appears. You have now enabled Developer Options.

You should then have access to the "notification settings" of the "android.text" text file, which includes chat logs – including deleted messages. However, this hack does not always work only on some Android devices.

In addition, WhatsApp has announced three more features to simplify the application.


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