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Who sweated more? Researchers make a surprising discovery

It is often said that women sweat less than men. But is this true? The power of sweating really depends on sex?

Researchers indicate whether sex differs in a different way

Researchers at the University of Wollongong (UOW) in Australia have found in a study that it does not matter which gender you have. Rather, the plays body size an important role.

Sweating: There is no difference between men and women – Krpergre decisive

According to the study results, women and men can produce the same amount of sweat. But there is a connection between the size of the face and the amount of sweat. Larger people sweat the results in general more than the smaller, but sex does not matter.

You often have to change the sheets if you often sweat.

Earth temperatures: Elevated blood flow or Schweiproduktion of the body

In order to keep the body cool at hot temperatures, there are two different ways: either through the secretion of Schweidrsensekret on the skin, or by increasing blood circulation to the surface of the skin.

The study included a total of 36 men and 24 women who had approximately the same level of fitness and had a similar health condition. For the study, the participants had to stay in a warm room so their bodies warmed to a certain temperature.

Differences in the type of heat release in small and large people

By measuring blood flow to the surface of the skin and measuring the production of pigs, the researchers were able to find that the body of the young people is rather cooled due to the increased blood flow. Bigger people, on the other hand, start sweating earlier than the smaller ones to start a cooling process.

Smaller people have a larger area per kilogram of body weight than older people, so they are better able to deliver heat through their skin through increased blood circulation.

Sex only plays a small role in the separation of heat

According to the researchers, the sex of the participants is not a cause of severe sweating, according to the authors, only about five percent of the differences in heat release are due to gender.

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