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ZDF Hayali woman is back with gloomy posts after sad weeks


After a month of abstaining on Facebook, Dunya Hayali talks – and reveals her feelings to her fans.

"You may also have noticed that in the last three weeks I have been quite 'submerged'. This is how Facebook's Facebook post on Facebook launched on social media on Saturday. This was followed by thoughtful words that convey sadness, but also a deep concern about the state of the German culture of debate.

Dunja Hayali: After the radio silence on Facebook follows a long post

In fact, Hayali hadn't posted anything on Facebook for a month. The 45-year-old is otherwise very active on Facebook. As calm as it was on the wall on Hayalis's Facebook, so much excitement for her. Last week's guest list on her show caused excitement. Greens leader Robert Habeck was there, as was marine lifeguard Carola racket. Quite one-sided, some thought. The following discussion may be one of the reasons why Hayali is reaching out to his Facebook fans.

However, the reason for its publication and its prolonged abstinence on Facebook is very private: the death of two family members, in quick succession. The deep, massive cuts were this. Forward Hayali, but would not enter it.

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Dunya Hayali in clear words on Facebook: "Sorrow hurts the soul"

Instead, she dealt a heavy blow to what she was particularly worried about in her vulnerable state: “Grief makes the soul sore, more open, and perhaps more compassionate. But in addition to compassion for the victims and loved ones, I also feel real disgust and anger at how such events were and are still being discussed in public. "Hayali has criticized the way some parts of the public have dealt with the violence that Germany has shaken in recent months: the killing with a Stuttgart sword, the deadly attack of an eight-year-old at a central Frankfurt station or the heat death of a two-year-old in Essen. for a “(hate) machine” that “makes whole groups responsible for actions.” The host asks, “Where is empathy, where is decency, where is consolation, where is decision-oriented, the learning process, requests, where to wait for the results EXT? "

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Fans sympathize with Dunya Hayali's Facebook post

Your fans sympathize with Hayali's contribution. "Thank you for those precious words! I wish a lot of strength for those dark days … ”writes a user. Another: "My condolences. And please, never stop being brave and keep a mirror out to the public !! "

The fact that there will also be users who disagree with Hayali, the moderator at the end of the post already thought in advance: "And who wants to reproach me now with a moral interpretation, benevolent or naive, please."

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