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ZDF- "heute journal": How the sports woman presents herself has provoked strong criticism


Klaus Kleber as he was introduced – before the Finals photos were shown.

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Very unhappy: how the ZDF's weight loss magazine on Saturday night wanted the audience to "break your appetite" is strongly criticized.

Mainz – Klaus Kleber and the ZDF heute journal team faced major challenges on Saturday. In the beginning, the program was very short because it took place at half-time in the Super Cup game between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern.

Then the reporters also had to react with lightning speed: Because of the terrible shooting at El Paso, they killed their program. Klaus Kleber opened this with the first information, then added later, answering the phone with a colleague of everyone else present.

The only nine-minute broadcast decided, then, should be a review of ZDF's sports studio and reporting on the "finals" in Berlin. And that it was very unfortunate, several Twitter users noticed.

Klaus Kleber in ZDF's heute journal: "This scene can ruin their appetite" – viewers are outraged

"This scene from the finals in Berlin can whet their appetite," moderated Klaus Kleber. "In the women's 5,000 meters, in the last few seconds, Constance Klosterhalfen was almost all one or more times, and now in third place, at that time. She manages all of them, even herself. She's breaking the new German record. More than 15 seconds below the old one. "

It sounds so harmless – but the combination of text and image provides criticism. Because: "To make an appetite" is first to see a group of runners, then the bottom of Constance Klosterhalfen without a head, with a slow upward movement.

The camera swiveled upwards in slow motion at Constance Closterhalfen.

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Klaus Kleber and ZDF's "heute journal" in criticism: "… quite wrong"

"Klaus Kleber presents" scenes that could enhance our appetite. " The winner over 5000m in Berlin enters the picture. And here's the text-picture scissors, "a Twitter user wrote. Another spoke directly to the Anchor. "Hi, Klaus Kleber, I don't know what kind of" appetite "one needs to awaken with this regrettably infamous classic tracking shot through the bare athletes of their feet from the bottom up – at least rather wrongly." Has he noticed others? Twitter criticism was initially not numerous – but obviously in both cases.

Constance Closterhalfen triumphs over a photo of a photographer.

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ZDF "heute journal" faux pas here in the video

Sure enough, the presentation was not desirable – and the "appetite" was merely intended to make the ZDF gym cover justify the look. She has that too – Constance Klosterhalfen sat there for an interview and proved to be an impressive athlete. The seconds in the "heute log", which can be seen here in eight minutes, but always, were a little unfortunate.

Unusual "heute journal" events have recently become known – Gundula Gause asks his colleague Klaus Kleber the same question before every broadcast.


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