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Barcelona, ​​Real, Atletico in the most expensive La Liga in history (vids) | PlanetFootball – Specials

It has not surpassed the Premier League ($ 1549 billion), but with $ 1.269 billion invested in the summer market this year, La Liga has come close to threatening to take the reins. This is a comparative record in the history of the Spanish league and a huge increase in spending compared to the 887.9 million Iberians paid last year to help them. And in the case of football, the money is real, bringing good luck to those who had to invest.

Barcelona remain tied and thus the big favorite to win the title as long as Messi is super. Real and Atletico have largely changed their roster and are in transition. The climates in Rohiblanco and Curious in Merengues, which are getting stronger but still far from becoming the team Zidane wants, look best. On the contrary, Simeone, despite being a total upgrade, seems to have a better base for the miracle.

But overall, the Example is expected to play the most technical ball of all world championships this year, with the Spaniards always taking the advantage of the unpredictable in terms of … sprouts that disappear unexpectedly every year and can make a difference. But until we see the unknown talents, we will look forward to Azar, Joao Felix, De Jong to do their thing.

Pay: 255 million
Received: 108.6 million
He has won the title four times in the last five years and wants to repeat it for the third consecutive year. He retained Valverde, paid for the Grizman clause, did not go astray with Neymar, and logically sent Coutinho to Bayern. She spent a fortune on her support, with De Jong bringing Firpo a youth and a future. But the question is always what kind of situation Messi will end up with, because of Copa America, not properly prepared, just like Luis Suarez.

FORECAST: 1st-2nd

He paid: 243.5
Found: 311.1
Two consecutive seasons finish 2, but the miracle cannot be repeated. Many believe this year, but this is the most transitional season in modern history. Philip Luis, Godin, Lucas Hernandez, Juanfran, Rhodri and Griezman left the list completely. She has made big investments, especially her record record of Joao Felix, who has already stolen hearts. Hermoso, Trippieri, Lodi, Erera, Felipe are all acquired and now all depend on Simeone's magic baguette and what they will do in front of Diego Costa, Morata.

FORECAST: 1st-3rd

Fees: 305.5
Found: 190.5
Zidane returned last April to reunite the unmarried and see this year if he can repeat … his miracles. Perez gave him money and his beloved Azar (but not Pogma). Jovic, Milito, Rodrigo, and Medi all brought refreshing (not total) air, but there is a grunt for Bale's stay and what will happen to Hamas. Many injuries in the beginning caused anxiety and distrust. The second season without Christian will be crucial for many things as he finished 3rd overall in the previous two years.

FORECAST: 2nd-3rd

Paid: 63 million
Received: 18 million
Most importantly, last year, when it all seemed like nonsense, she supported Martelino and he outpaced her with a 4th place and another Champions League presence. It has been lost in internal disputes, but it seems that the right decisions have been made and the climate has calmed down. The goal remained four, but without much investment, with Max Gomez stepping up the attack and Silesen firing.

FORECAST: 4 to 6

Paid: 9 million
Received: 2 million
Burdalas led 2016 and led her to eighth place and now lost to the Champions League miracle last season. The madrilenas lived the dream last year and are unlikely to repeat it. Especially now that they will have Europe, with endless participation in the bazaar. The most significant impetus is the left back, Bucharest (Eibar, Barcelona).

SEE: 9th-12th

Paid: 151 million
Received: 50.8 million
The marvelous technical director, Monch turned, and it was one of the biggest news in the entire La Liga. And it was a record-breaking return as he spent the largest amount in club history while giving Hulen Lopetegi a chance at Real Madrid. De Jong, Dabor, Okabo and Roni Lopez attacking bets, Kundaa, Carlos for defense and Jordan, Fernando, Oliver Torres for center. The absence of Ben Jenter, Sarabia, prom will be difficult to offset. The sole purpose of the four is considered.

FORECAST: 4 to 6

Paid: 18.5 million
Received: 40.5 million
He has been in Europe for 11 years, but Ruby, who did so, went to Betty's bench and was replaced by rookie David Gaygo, and no one knows what that might mean. The lineup didn't change much, but lost to Hermosos, Rosales in defense and investing in youngsters. The Argentinean Extreme Market, Vargas was his most expensive move. It is not expected to be in danger or recur last year.

FORECAST: 10th and 13th

Athletic Bilbao
Paid: –
Received: –
He didn't pay anyone, he didn't sell anyone. Some borrowers returned, while others were promoted by Group B. Garitano, who took over in December and stripped her of the danger zone, remained in office, leaving the list unchanged. Nobody knows what it can do, but it is not expected to be downgraded for the first time this year. Especially after Barcelona's 1-0 premiere.

SEE: 9th-12th

Paid: 21 million
Collected: 12.5 million
Algutil took over in December, showing good results and keeping him busy. He was also given four transcripts of offensive virtues (Porto, Isaac, Odengaard), with Sinan consolidating the defense. Odengaard in particular is considered one of the discoveries of the year and will soon return to Real Madrid. However, there are gaps in the back, with the take-offs of Moreno (stopper), Rouge (goalkeeper). All money is extremist, Oyarathbal, who is preparing for a big transfer.

SEE: 10th-14th

Pay: 88.5 million
Received: 19.25 million
He banished the ballerina he used to play from time to time (Satien), took good with Espanyol last year, rubbed and threw it on the market after many years. Incredibly, he received the incredible Fekir from Lyon, while Borgia Iglesias is a striker looking for something already in season, with extremist Juanami stepping up the line. The point, however, is that he lost to Trans Basque, Los Celosos, Pa Lopez and Pipo. However, it has the quality to claim Europe's purpose.

SEE: 5th-8th

Pay: 10.77 million
Collected: 10.77 million
By the beginning of spring, everyone was crazy, as he was firmly in the four-legged. He eventually bent, stayed out of Europe, and coach Ampelardo left, which he did not find with the administration. Assyrian Garitano knows the localities and the list has some solid values. But her best, Caleri, Yoni, and Alice Vidal, Ponce, Josel, no, contradictory moves, as did the fallen Lucas Perez. It will not be easy to stay, but it is not among the favorites for … falling.

SEE: 12-16th

Pay: 17.1 million
Received: 27 million
The steering wheel of the Medillibar is a solid value proposition. He cannot do more, is not in danger, and causes serious damage to Ypurua. However, it lost some key units, probably its best, Bucharest, Jordan, Penny and brought money to the list and vacancy on the list. They covered it with some unknowns to the general public, but they always do, and it just works out well.

FORECAST: 11th-15th

Pay: 10.7 million
Received: 1.75 million
After the previous two were rescued on the yarn (17th), he finished 13th last year and was saved with some comfort. Dimitris Siovas will also have Pelegrinos as a coach this year, and the goal, of course, is to clean up without much left. That is why they kept everything possible and were backed by the talented strikers of Chelsea, Omero and Sporting L. Silva. The bet is not given to the first favorites to lose.

SEE: 15-18th

Pay: 14.3 million
Received: 56 million
His worst year since falling with Valverde on the bench (ed: he quit before falling). After another European exit season, he finished 14th, but at the last minute, threatening the penultimate race. Kayeka, who rescued her, remained, but she was not considered a level coach for important things, and the census showed that she had been assigned to raise money, which weakened her. Fornales, Pedra, Sansone, Soriano departed and were replaced by Alberto Moreno, Angisa, Raul Albiol, Pena, with an emphasis on defense fortification. After all, the aggressive has the material not to repeat last year's nonsense.

SEE: 7-11th

Pay: 12.6 million
Collected: 3.8 million
He remained the target for another season, although his good first round was largely aided by that. He faces a number of defense issues that he has to address this year if he is to be appointed. Paco Lopez continues on the steering wheel, which saw growth grow with the addition of good tackles, such as the back of Douarte and Sergio Leon and Ernani on the offensive line.

SEE: 14th-15th

Paid: 1m
Received: 8 million
With his claws and teeth, Ronaldo's team managed to keep their last match in the Primera Division. The key to this is the homogeneity of the list and the work of Sergio Gonzalez, who, while achieving his goal of remaining, remains in his post. The transfer market is not moving much, with the best transfer being striker Sandro Ramirez, who came to borrow from Everton. He was weakened in defense by selling Calero to Espanyol and is certainly one of the favorites to drop.

FORECAST: 16-19th

Pay: 21.4 million
Received: 19.7 million
He wants to forget last season, in which he was heavily involved in the risk of relegation. After changing two coaches, he finally found peace in the face of Fran Escrimba, who, relying on his offensive line, managed to save … the ship from the wreck. Denise Suarez and Sandy Mina are back and expanding the list, which, of course, still needs additions to become more competitive. But they lost Max Gomez. At least in Galicia, they don't want to see last year's nonsense and the best thing about it. Enough for Jago Aspas to be healthy.

SEE: 12th-15th

Paid: 13.5 million
Received: –
She is also celebrating her return to … lounges. The Pamplona team played a beautiful and aggressive ball with a "weapon" in their headquarters, which will also be backed up this season to stay in the league. Huckabee Arashate is continuing its second season on the bench, which saw last year's units be listed. This was reinforced by not expensive but quality supplements to contend with to avoid falling out.

FORECAST: 17th and 18th

Pay: 7.3 million
Received: 0.3 million
She is rightly celebrating her return to the Example, with stability as a trait. From the beginning, she plays in climbing positions and stays there until the end, with her granite defense a great advantage. Diego Martinez is also clearly continuing his technical leadership, which, however, must rely heavily on last year's stay list. Of course, there were some good moves on the offensive line with Matisse and Soldado, and the defense was strengthened with the acquisition of Duarte.

FORECAST: 16-20th

Paid: 5 million
Received: –
Although they do not have the big budgets to claim the raise, the Islanders probably struggled beyond their means and ultimately defeated Deportivo La Coruna in their exciting playoff final. Vicente Moreno knows the outside and is fighting for his team, staying on the bench for a third season. Of course, this year will have the difficult task of staying with the weakest material, perhaps of all the teams in the Example. However, the club largely maintained its roster last year.

FORECAST: 17th and 20th

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