Monday , July 26 2021

Berlin: Tsipra-Solts Critical Meeting on retirement

By Yannis Kabourakis
[email protected]

A crucial battle with the German anti-government and finance minister, Allop Solsch, will be held in Berlin by the prime minister before going to Paris for a hundred years since the end of World War I, where he will stay at a dinner. said French President Emmanuel Macron.

Several thousand kilometers of Athens pre-election needs and opportunities, Alexis Tsipras will have the opportunity to discuss privately with the German Socialist and Finance Minister on the issue of pension cuts and objections from Germany to Greece's request for cancellation, which was officially and not officially recorded later this.

Mr Tsipras received support from the European Commission, but the last game and attitude of the ECB and ESM remained in the game of negotiations about what needed to be done in the Greek economy and in the post-memorandum phase also known besides Maximos and the Ministry of Finance, that he would be assessed by Germany's last stance.

So even if the government does not admit it openly, the Tsipra-Solts meeting, apart from being rare, does not make it easier for the Greek Prime Minister to meet directly with the German Minister of Finance and whenever it is held by the Schweizer Meeting with Papandreou, Samaras, Papadimos and Tsipras in years crisis), there are significant results for the Greek economy.

The meeting had special interest when negotiations on the issue of canceling pension cuts were underway and the time left was a little short because Athens's intention was to make a definitive decision at the Eurogroup on November 19 and not delay any more. which, on the one hand, will disrupt the government that has drafted the final budget and on the other hand will determine its political and electoral planning.

Twice a week, the first in the DPR and the second in his television interview on television, Mr. Tsipras was absolutely convinced that there would be no pension cuts, making strong political bulling in the main opposition. Information that comes across borders shows that negotiations are at an important point and it is difficult to cancel deductions for all pensions and have all "TIF packages" to apply.

Mr Tsipras went to Berlin to participate as an official guest at a Social Democratic conference on program collaboration with the Green Party in the view of European elections. Soon after, he will go to Paris, where he will participate in a 100-year anniversary celebration since the end of the First World War, as the official guest of the French president, Emmanuel Makron.

This trip was presented by government sources as a Tsipra mini-tour in Europe, before the final agreement with institutions, which would be confirmed by Eurogroup, but the PM's presence at the SPD conference would be an opportunity for Mr Tsipras to mention in the European election battle that would come. In this context, the Greek Prime Minister will emphasize the need to raise the agenda of progressive forces on issues of social state reconstruction, wage growth, labor protection, environmental protection policies, on the grounds that they are trying to do SYRIZA in Greece as a government.

He will, according to the information, argue that these policies will provide prospects to Europeans and become a barrier to the far right. The prime minister will refer to the Prespa Treaty, while looking at Greece – by opening a new opening, not directly to KINAL, will talk about the need for progressive forces to work together, saying that the collaboration was successful in Portugal and Spain.

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