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Clitoria: Dead 25 years who fell into a ravine – At dawn the carrier company finished – Society

The 25-year-old farmer, who was taken to the abyss yesterday, was brought to death. For his recovery, the firefighting team set up a company with the help of the 6th EMAK from Patras, which was finished around 2am. Maybe, according to the first estimate, the young man slipped. His father searched for him because his trail disappeared around 5pm.

At present there is a 25-year-old cattle rancher who has fallen from a great height in a cliff in Klitoria, Achaia, in Cannes. According to the most famous information about the fall of the young man, his father told the authorities.

This immediately signaled a firefighter and the Kalavrita Service commander and a group of five climbers from the 6th EMAK Patent, but the core was very inaccessible to vehicles. The man was seriously injured and had anxiety about his life. does not always adopt, reader comments and in cases of abusive, vulgar and inaccurate information will delete it.


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