Thursday , July 29 2021

Fall rains at the peak of Leontids on Saturday night!

This fall "rainFrom stars starring Leontide will peak on Saturday night, November 17, until dawn Sunday in the northern hemisphere, including Greece.

Because there is no cloud (which is rather difficult due to expected bad weather), conditions will be suitable for night observation, considering that the next full moon will be on November 23, when the sky will be relatively dark.

The Leonids is a spectacular rainfall average, but continues to increase over time very impressive. It usually creates 15 "pettesters" per hour, but each of about 33 years has a periodic climax of hundreds or even thousands of hours per hour. Their last spectacular year was in 2001.

The raindrops take place from November 6 to 30 and appear to come from the constellation Leo, from where he got his name.

In fact, it was the dust particles left by the comet tail 55P / Paste-Tatl, found in 1865 and every November the remains were crossed by Earth's orbit. The comet will return to Earth in 2031.

When the Earth circulates around the Sun, the remains of comets meet the top layer of our planet's atmosphere, ignited by friction and forming bright balls, known as "peptastria"Or perforated or temporary.

Source: RES-EAP

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