Tuesday , September 17 2019
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Hamilton in his own UK Formula 1 winner

We saw an impressive race with many battles and intense competition … from 3rd place and vice versa, as the two Mercedes were in their own race.

From the very beginning, the boots seem to have managed to keep Hamilton behind him, so he was next to the safety car that brought Yovinachi out. At that moment Hamilton put a hard tire and disappeared from the front.

But we had many Ferstapen battles that fought and crossed the fleece fighter and came to Vettel where he finally crossed the German in an attempt to win the spot, lost the brakes and fell back from Fertappen, and they both got out of the track but continued fight! Vettel entered the tire change and shifted his front wing and stepped back as he was naturally expected to receive a penalty of 10 seconds.

These are the final results of the race:

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