Friday , July 23 2021

He saw everything, but Mars returned to victory! – Football – Super League – Aris – Apollo

Victory-revival for Mars in Rizoupoli!

With Apostolos Terzis, after serving with Paco Ereas, Aris left 4 consecutive defeats and managed to win against Apollo Smyrna 2-1.

The "yellows" ideally start the match, after 19 seconds (!) Successfully opened the score, after Juanderson's unstable operation from Bruno Gama's shot and Mateo Garcia's rebound, which succeeded perhaps the easiest of the 5 goals he had in this year's Super League .

However, guests who were "burned" for positive results, found the same equation, because KOESTA could not block constantly and Triadis shot through the area did not matter doing 1-1.

The difference, however, was in the match quality of the guests, because Dinigi with very good football … well, found Bruno Gamma who with a powerful shot from the left side of the large area beat Huaderson, forming the final 2-1 in 69 & # 39; .

Big scores for Mars reached 15, when Apollo only had 1 point, after 10 matches.


Whatever plans can be done on paper by the two trainers for the show, they have not traveled since the 19th race. Aris has … flooded victories and for quick goals, with Apostolos Terzis players exceeding expectations. Bruno Gamas took the left side from the left and made the right shot, and Juanderson drove Matteo Garcia, who had no problems going into the goal 0-1.

This development "froze" Apollo and as time passed he tried to gather … the pieces, but the positive for Yannis Mantzourakis's team was that Mars did not "kill" him at that time he did not do well in court.

In addition, on the 27th, the "Light Brigade" lost its center, because Mantyios, who before the match doubted, was replaced by El-Helve. From 35 onwards, and after Aris allowed Apollo to do so, the hosts went forward to goal, losing their first chance at 40 ℃ with D Ur Ursso could not hang Couestas which he had done initially was a mistake, while at 42 Spanyol the Spanish Kipper had an unstable operation in Sikhambala shots, but the Triadis who took the rebound sent the ball into a favorable position at the bar.

In the end, the goal for Apollo came as … the buzzer beater for the first half, with Questas again making an unstable operation from Kyrgia's head, but this time the Triadis from close range could not miss a chance to 1-1.

A little deeper …

1-0 by Mateo Garcia

1-1 by Triad

2-1 by Bruno Gama

Aris (Tolis Terzis): Keesa – Constantinidis, Delishis, Basha, Menendez-Siopi, Veleth, Martinez (70 & # 39; Valerianos) – Dinigi (81 & # 39; Socha), Bruno Gama, Garcia (55 & # 39;

Apollo Smyrni (Giannis Mantzourakis): (77 Ak Akosta) – Mantzio (28 el el-Helve), Honderson-Stathis, Oriuella, Kyrgyz, Gino-Lucic, D Ur Ursso (70 # Tomas)

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