Sunday , September 26 2021

He was dismissed from City because he received a pension from his deceased mother. Now he is asking for the cancellation of the dismissal

For nine years he received a pension from his deceased mother. Then he was fired and now he is struggling to return to the municipality.

The first court sentenced him to seven years because he was unsure of his claim that his pension was taken by his mother's cousin who had a retrieval card, who later died …

City servants who allegedly received pensions from maternity from 2004 to 2011 45,950 euros appealed to the Administrative Court which requested the decision of the Disciplinary Board, which was finally terminated by the Municipality, canceled as unconstitutional and illegal.

Initially, after the first board of disciplinary appeals, he was temporarily dismissed for 6 months, but after objections raised by the Inspector General of Public Administration, Maria Papaspyrou, was dismissed.

This case is waiting at the Court of Appeal, with the defendant claiming that the case does not concern his service but is personal.

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