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Important cabinet for Brexit in London – SKA (


The minister has studied more than 500 pages of text on the European Union exit agreement last night.

Thanasis Gavos – London

11/14/2018 – 16:29

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11/14/2018 – 16:29


The 10th day of Downing Street will meet at the 2PM local ministerial council under Prime Minister Teresa in May, urging ministers to subscribe to the text of the European Union Pension Agreement concluded yesterday by negotiators in Brussels.

Ministers have studied about 500 pages of text since last night.

Looks are mainly focused on ministers who are among Brexiteers. Speculation about the possibility of resignation mainly concerns Labor Minister Eister McEwie ​​and International Development Minister Penny Mordant.

Even if there is a dispute between the minister and the text of the agreement that will lead to resignation, however, it is estimated that Teresa May will receive the green light to submit an agreement for voting in the House of Commons in the first half of December.

Earlier, at the weekly parliamentary meeting with questions to the prime minister, Mrs. Mae was criticized by all parties, especially by her party's Euroseptists.

Objections to focus on the differences between Northern Ireland and other countries in the United Kingdom relate to the depth of validity of customs regulations and EU regulations during what is called "backstop", temporary customs unions between the United Kingdom and the European Union, a solution has been found for the Irish border problem until the end of the transition period.

At the same time, Brexiteers is worried that the United Kingdom will not be able to unilaterally break away from this backstop.

In addition, London has reportedly accepted that during the backstop on the spot, it will not adopt measures that will provide unfair competitive advantages over member countries in areas such as environmental targets, workers' rights and state subsidies. This parameter has angered the Brexiteers, like Boris Johnson, who said that for the first time Britain would be forced to implement a policy he would not say.

The prime minister himself defended the agreement, saying it was implementing referendum results while protecting British integrity and work.

Teresa Mei has suggested that the text of the agreement be publicly announced after being approved by the cabinet and said it would make a statement about the agreement in the House of Commons. The Speaker of the House said the Prime Minister's Statement, which must be followed by detailed discussions, must be expected tomorrow Thursday.

The cabinet is expected to last for three hours.

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