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Leo Tolstoy's grandson died

Leo Tolstoy's grandson died - He was buried in Kardamili

Alexander Tolstoy, grandson of Russian great writer Leo Tolstoy, rested yesterday at Kardamili's funeral.

The deceased had bought a place to live in the city of Mani since the 1970s, and in recent years lived at least 9 months a year in Kardamili. He was born in France 87 years ago and is the son of one of Leo Tolstoy's 14 children.

According to information from friends and acquaintances, Alexander Tolstoy served in the French diplomatic corps and was a linguist: As residents of Kardamyli say, he spoke all Balkan languages ​​and many local dialects (Sarakatsian, Vlach, etc.).

Alexandre Tolstoi accompanied her husband Nicole and his daughter Natasha and Tatiana yesterday in his last home.

Leon Tolstoy is considered one of the greatest writers of all time.


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