Thursday , July 29 2021

Luseu: "It is difficult to play Yule with Olympiakos" – Basketball – Euroleague – Olympiakos Basketball – Olympiakos

There are few chances that Sergio Zhules will defeat Olympiakos in ACE, as Pablo Lassa said after Real Madrid's victory over Gran Canaria, with the queen being the "key" of Vassilis Spanoulis in Piraeus,

"Olympiakos has a coach and is a team with more players and a wider rotation. Changes are always normal. But what is not changing is Spanoulis. This is the key to this group, he still has the wealth of play and choice. He holds the team with or without a new coach– First he said Pablo Lasso after the victory over Gran Canaria.

Regarding the situation of Sergio Yul, who is absent:Yul's lack always affects us and is logical. I hope to play in the next games, but I would say it is difficult".

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