Friday , September 17 2021

New complaints against Katy Perry – why the famous presenter condemns her

A Russian television presenter accuses the famous singer Katie Perry of sexually harassing her at a party.

"I was at a party attended by Katie Perry. He was under the influence of alcohol when he tried to sexually harass me. I protected myself and am happy that my good health did not disappear. Then Katie found her next victim (to my surprise she was a woman again) to indulge in kisses, hugs and sensual dancing, "the 43-year-old presenter told social media.

The well-known presenter noted that when the incident happened, she was not considered a victim, but that this was something that continued to haunt her.

The new complaint comes just days after Joe Klaus starring the popstar in the video of her song "Teenage Dream." The famous model accused Katy Perry of unacceptable behavior by denying that he publicly took off his pants by exposing his genitals to her friends while attending a mutual friend's birthday party. In addition to the birthday incident, the model shared that the famous singer said she kissed her disgustingly in the scenes of the video.

Source of information: Daily Mail

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