According to the OnePlus 7 Pro Hardware Sheet has expired today the total cost per unit is estimated at 287 euros. The mobile phone has cheaper building materials than the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, which reaches 372 euros. Expected most expensive is the AMOLED Samsung screen, which costs $ 80 on OnePlus. The price is in line with the price of the Galaxy S10 + hole, which costs $ 86.50.

The other major debut is the processor, which costs $ 70 a piece. Other expensive products include the triple camera ($ 27.29), LPDDR4X 6GB ($ 26) and 128GB ($ 20) memory. The above-mentioned materials represent almost 2/3 of the total costs. OnePlus sells 6 / 128GB OP7 Pro at 592 euros twice the price of hardware. The profit margin is not as big as you think – the Galaxy S10 + occupies 513 euros per unit retail price of 885 euros.

OnePlus 7 Pro

It is worth noting that the cost table does not include many other costs such as installation and many other phases that OnePlus 7 Pro passes before reaching the end user.