Tuesday , September 21 2021

Prespa – Newsbeast Agreement

"The Left owes, from its current position and the experience it has now gained from the government, to place on the dialogue table the institutional scope needed by that place," he said in his speech yesterday at an open political event. SYRIZA of Northern Athens, Holargos Papagos City Hall, State Minister and government spokesman, Dimitris Tzanakopoulos.

Referring to proposals for state and church treaties, a government spokesman said that he tried on one side of the Greek state to recognize his debt to the church and on the other side of the church to override his claim to property taken before 1939.

When this agreement comes into force, he added, 10,000 public places will be freed to meet urgent social needs to support welfare states: education, health, welfare.

"Our political goal is to subsidize the state towards a church that can be covered by state revenues originating from the Ecclesiastical Property Utilization Fund in 2030," he explained.

Continuing Mr. Tzanakopoulos said that in the following period, there were three critical nodes for the government, which were "large progressive cuts needed by the site".

These are: (1) Creating conditions for building new productive models by empowering workers' bargaining power and supporting social majority. (2) Implementation of the Prespa Agreement, which opens a new page about the cooperation and friendship of people in this region and convincingly increases the position of the state internationally. And (3) the start of the Constitutional Review process.

"We are on the opposite side of the neoliberal and right-wing wing which is now at the core of ND's policies and plans. We have our own plans for the reconstruction of the country and society, with our regulatory principles of equality, justice and solidarity. to related social alliances, so that the interests of those we represent are represented as the interests of the whole community. "

"So when we started a big battle in 2012, our priority today is a social alliance with the world of work, youth, the poor. This means targeted policies to raise wages, protect labor rights, support welfare states, create new jobs, "said the government spokesman.

Continuing, he described the Prespa agreement as a "historical piece", which resolved "historical pendency that has cost a lot in Greece, mainly because of its ability to play a decisive role in developments in the region."

"This is a strategic defeat of nationalism inside and outside the borders because it paves the way for joint cooperation and development between countries which only have to win from such choices, in very difficult conditions for stability and security in the wider region. All this is inheritance for the Left. That's why we take historic opportunities. The importance for us of this historical breakthrough is evidenced by the fact that the Prime Minister himself is fully responsible for the final implementation, "said a government spokesman.

Referring to the constitutional review, Mr. Tzanakopoulos spoke of "a process that overrides and needs for the institutional reconstruction of the state, strengthens parlemenism and protects the country, when the threat to democracy continues to increase. The government," he said, "promotes change" which will strengthen functions whose power comes directly from, and thus directly controlled, by the people. "

"In this context there are proposals for the establishment of a constantly proportional electoral system and the simultaneous introduction of so-called voices of constructive distrust and proposals that prevent the dissolution of Parliament on the basis of the impossibility of electing the President of the Republic with an increase in the majority of Parliament".

"We also believe that it is very important not to repeat the extraordinary political situation with the appointment of a Prime Minister who has not suffered from popular sound suffering. In our opinion, the prime minister must be elected by the people and accountable to the people and only to him," he added.

Mr Tzanakopoulos strongly criticized opposition to constitutional reform.

"Mr. Mitsotakis did not even clarify his position about the attitude he will maintain in this highest parliamentary procedure yesterday. This allows us to conclude that his ambiguity is related to his embarrassment with a proposal to amend Article 86 of the Constitution and his inherent desire not to abolish short restrictions the minister's criminal violations, "he said.

"However, we believe that under public pressure and political pressure, Mitsotakis will be forced to agree or find excuses not to participate in the process," he said.

A government spokesman said that the battle planned by SYRIZA for the election year would be assessed from the work of the government to rebuild the economy, improve the position of the people who worked and begin the process for progressive major institutional breakthroughs.

"There will be fighting, not mud and propaganda for controlled media parties," he argued.

Mr. Tzanakopoulos also said that this intervention also determined the partnership axis and demonstrated the dividing line in the political arena.

"There is also a political alliance, in the Local Government, in the European Parliament, in the National Delegation," he said.

"We live in a time of need for historical choices. Left in Greece, Spain, Portugal, from the position of the government promoting a series of actions to improve the lives of working people and support a welfare state. The Right gradually leaves moderate nuggets and ties to the right-wing nationalism and populism "

"Social democracy, awkward, was called to choose the path. In Greece, its official leadership still refused to understand its destructive strategic choices to identify with the right-most neoliberalization of Mr. Mitsotakis. He did not see or not see developments in Europe. Political geography in Greece and Europe by 2020 it will judge whether the post-crisis era will resemble inter-war or be the starting point for a new period of welfare and social justice.In this historical question, the Greek Left gives, with all its strength, the struggle to prevent devastating flights to the past for Greek society and European nations, "said Tzanakopoulos.

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