Thursday , July 29 2021

Research: Google Stumbles Us

Research: Google Stumbles Us

against 9,000% have since grown 2015 for 2018 search on the internet medical problems with experts to express their fears Google strengthens poses for fantastic diseases.

Search anytime at Google information about medical conditions – whether serious or not – becomes a hypochondriac, according to a study published in the British newspaper Mirror, based on data Google.

As far as it sounds unbelievable, from 2015 for 2018 Internet searches for medical problems have increased 9,000% with specialists who worry that Google is boosting hip dredging: the person's personality that suffers from a serious or threatening illness that has not yet been diagnosed.

As reported in the Mirror newspaper, Internet search "how to understand if chest pain is serious" has increased over the past three years by 8,781%, according to Google's data analysis.

Searches for health-related keywords like sciatica and acne are estimated at 100,000 each year by 2015.

"Stomach pains" and "sore feet" have also been found in the most sought-after medical problems.

In 2015 it was 115,800, while in 2018 it reached 151,075!

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