Monday , August 2 2021

Rollover in Retrospective: "Breathing" for Thousands of Retirees – How to Claim Your Money

Ways to return retrospectively to retirees who have suffered severe injuries from June 2013 to EFCA lost its first appeal to the decision of the first example to support NAT retirees, while at the same time the court also made a reduction, in addition to those who were considered unconstitutional by State Council (CoE).

According to an exclusive report from the newspaper "Free Press of Sunday" there have been three final judgments, which, on benefit, brings them up and down with respect to the design of government economic staff in terms of performance retroactive.

Three retrospective court decisions

First decision (1296/2018) accepted by the Appeal Administrative Court of Piraeus and the Court of Appeals rejected the appeal filed by EFCA in the first decision, which was given to retired NAT. The latter demanded that they be returned retroactively with deductions made by Law 4093 for primary and additional pensions, but also for prizes which were also cut back.

Second decision (1840/2018) taken by the Protodikio Diiraiko Piraeus and it became unprecedented: For the first time, the first-degree court canceled the 7% deduction imposed on NAT pensions from 01/01/2012 for the protection of reserve funds, not by law, but by a ministerial decree.

Third decision (17563/2018) came from the Athens Administrative Prosecutor's Office, which had – and indeed had a retroactive effect – justifying the mass suit filed by retired TAP-OTE to cut their retirement income.

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