Sunday , May 16 2021

Six of the 9 defendants convicted of killing Henderson in Zakynthos – Dikaiologitika News

The accused have been found guilty, if any, for lethal intentions of bodily harm, lethal injuries and seriously injured physical injuries while the prosecutor has offered the guilt of all nine defendants. In particular, he has offered the six to be found guilty of murder deliberately in a peaceful mental state jointly against co-operation. Another accused has proposed to be guilty of simply committing a murder of intent in a calm mental state, and for the other two he has offered to be guilty of simple bodily injury.

According to a court ruling, the 33-year-old defendant has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for imprisonment, 34 years in prison for 10 years of serious bodily injury and 26 years in five years in prison for fatalities. Also two 19-year-olds and one 22-year-old were found guilty of severely injured physical injuries, but they were admitted to mitigation in the afternoon and sentenced to nine years in prison.

Three other defendants, two 23-year-olds and one 35-year-old were initially found guilty of simple bodily harm, but were finally acquitted due to charges of lack of accusation.

The court also ruled that appeals will not have a suspensive effect until the case is resolved until the case file is sent to the prosecutor of Zakynthos, the shop owner in Laganas and an employee.

They were present in the courtroom to hear the decision, the parents of Bakari Henderson, Philbert and Jill, who in their later statements expressed their disappointment.

With regard to defense, Agamemnon Tatsis said, inter alia, that "justice has proved calm and has issued a decision based on evidence."

Meanwhile, according to one of Chrysa Vouldi's civil law defenders, Bakari Henderson's parents are expected to file a petition to the Patara prosecutor in the next few days to appeal today's decision by the Patras Joint Court.


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