Monday , August 2 2021

The competition authority has approved the acquisition of the CPS and the European Court of Auditors

DEPA: The Commissioner for Competition has approved the acquisition of the PSC and ECA

The Plenary Session of the Competition Committee today unanimously approved the agreement to buy 49% of EPA Attiki from DEPA with Shell.

The agreement also concerns the Attica gas distribution network.

The impression is due to the fact that the Competition Commissioner acknowledges that this acquisition falls within the scope of the Competition Act, but there is no additional condition in the announcement by the independent body of observing or otherwise limiting the sale of EPA Attiki's DEPA.

We recall that the transaction is part of the privatization plan for DEPA, which includes the sale of a majority stake in the trading of a strategic investor and the allocation of a minority stake in the networks.

In more detail, the Competition Office states in its communication that:

"At today's session, the plenary session of the Competition Committee (EA) unanimously approved the merger merger compatibility (transformation from joint control to exclusive) on July 16, 2018 by DEPA to the companies

In particular, EA considers, pursuant to Article 8 (4) to (6) of Law 3959/2011, that the notified concentration, although falling within the scope of Article 6 (1) of Law 3959/2011, does not cause serious doubts as to its compatibility for competition on the individual affected markets ".

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