Wednesday , July 28 2021

THE DAINOSAUROS LOVES IN MAROUSSI – Travel in Time from the New Amusement Park

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On a time machine, small and large visitors from this unique park were opened at the Helexpo-Maroussi Exhibition Center, which "carried" millions of people last year, when dinosaurs dominated the Earth.

Meet the giant dinosaurs that dominated the Mesozoic century not just a simple tour of the surrounding natural museums with large exhibits, plants and fossils. Contact with movement and touch will bring children with adults into unique, interactive and entertaining games.

The most impressive dinosaurs presented at the exhibition are colossal, prehistoric predators, Tyrannosaurus Rex, which continue to attract human attention. Remain "blue eyes" in the area of ​​dinosaurs, one of the most carnivorous carnivores that has the honor that once scared the Earth.

Outside the Rex, 6 meters and 14 meters long, there are also Diplodos with long tails that attract everyone on the road, Vrachosavros, with throats like tall elephants and 18 others, of various sizes, their prehistoric animals delighted with small and large imaginations.

All exhibitions are robots, with movement, color, texture and sound, combined with decorating space, making visitors feel that they are in the real world where this impressive prehistoric animal lives.

The Dinosaur Theme Exhibition features a very "heavy" signature and the editing of Daming Zhong, the top paleontologist, who has designed the exhibition based on his experience as a paleontologist at the Zingogue Museum, the third largest museum of dinosaurs in the world.

Taman will be operational on January 6, 2019.

A little taste of SOOC's "look" garden:



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