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The Great School of Peristeri –

Score of Ryan Harrow. Ryan Haroou is playing. Ryan Harrow said … with all the opponent's defenses. And Peristeri gets back heroes from America!

Those who like basketball are very happy to see "prince" on A1. The team associated with the explosion of Greek basketball and have it all:

  • Players from the infrastructure department, products from the production process at the Ministry worked for several years in full rhythm

  • The stadium is ideal for team dynamics, perhaps unique in Greece to create a great atmosphere (those who have lived in crowded places, know what I mean)

  • Emblematic factors like the late Daphakatzis, but also Philippos Gotsis who continues to offer clubs

  • And a tradition, to choose good foreign players, some of which are the best in all of Europe

The ministry has made the whole school bring players we remember one by one. Even those who might be chosen by other teams, "blue-yellow" has a way to go up one level above. Like a good time Ryan Haro.

A boyfriend broke up

Initially it was in 1989. Then, when the $ 40,000 Peristeri, he brought a college boy to Athens. His name said nothing to the general public, but the world Peristeri loved Greg Cherts, who was only 22 years old and graduated from Missouri College. An extraordinary introduction, ahead of time, the Spyros Foskolos chose and fell … inside. Tserts was "tied" to the Peristeri youth team (Koronios, Kassouridis, Grylionakis, Tsagopoulos, Mylonas, Tzilalas and, of course, the late Nikos Fassouras) and "good morning" showed what he could do. Against the strongest PAOK this season he scored 24 points and after the end of the championship, the Peristeri managed to stay in the category (in the 12-team championship he took 9th place), Tsetsch had 26.5π and 10.8 rebounds. He is the fifth goalscorer behind Gali (Aris), Ingram (Hercules), Girgud (Apollo Patron) and Edgar Jones (Panathinaikos).

Tsartz won his new contract with his sword and starred in the following year when Peristeri reached 6th place by making a big win and taking a ticket to the Korats Cup.

With a score of 26.2 points and 12.5 rebounds, Cherch is one of the world's top champions, the extraordinary team of Peristeri, coach Kostas Petropoulos. Peristeri-AEK's undefeated match 101-99, with Cherts reaching a remarkable bass-beat two seconds before the finish. Get ideas from surprising matches, AEK bosses, Koroni-Patabouka recitals and the last from the Tsarts basket.

A hard hit with a good shot, rebound, excellent defender and free ball game, Chersch continued his career in Greece, but his injury in the qualifying match with Klostenburg Austria was very detrimental to him. Almost lost all year and almost never returned. Yes, he stayed at the Peristeri for the third time, but he was clearly influenced by the fact that he stopped playing basketball. He is only 25 years old. He turned to America to deal with finances, but in the Company they still remembered the great players who entered the basket. Sometimes … and far from them …

Norris, atomic dog!

Truth's tradition continued for the Peristeri, who preferred lottery players, from big names. In the 1993-94 period, the team changed tactics and their shirts wore one of the biggest names playing basketball, not in Greece but in Europe as a whole. Odi Norris, she may have been 33 years old, but she respects all her opponents … her heart says (but not her legs). The atomic dog doesn't cost, of course, 40 thousand dollars like Cherts. To get it, Peristeri offered him 800,000 for two years, a sizeable amount for this season. To do so, Panagiotis Nikas, sponsor of the Ministry of Religion, guarantees the finance department. The rest was managed by agent Gus Politis, who proposed the player.

So, the great rival of Mars with Barcelona and his great fans from Gali (his first son called him Nikos) came to Greece. He finally played a year, offering some pleasant moments. They betrayed his knees, and he stopped playing basketball. With Peristeri it has 16.4p and 9.8 rebounds and some nails like this:

  • In the same year, Peristeri got a super-footer player who together with Norris created a great twin in a racket. His name is Lans Bergwolde and his trademark is his big nose. But … The Silent Center, however, knows basketball, he placed his large body in the right place, and several times he lost a personal duel. The court arrested him from Spain, where he played for five years. Bergwolde completed the championship with 16.6 π and 10.3 ρ.


And somewhere there, Peristeri started and took players who had played in Greece. Some take careers and one … generally will release the team with the possibility of flight.

Marlon Mackey is such a case. Larissa's first choice in the 1995-96 season became more mature with "princes from the West Bank" who have now passed the Koroni, Jaric and Gurovic eras. Taylor and Melvin Chitsum are twin brothers of a very high standard and have 15p and 9.6p. Very impressive, he stands out for his passion and sportsmanship, which has reached 4th place in the regular season. Melvin Cityum beside him is equally spectacular and offers a similar spectacle. In Greece came in 1991 when the deceased Makis Dendrinos sought a surgeon for Daphne. Makis usually chooses good players because of his good contact with the American market and in the case of Cityum he falls. In his first year at the Greek Championship he had an average of 25.1 π and 11.3 rebounds. He is the fifth top scorer behind Easter (Olympiakos), Ingram (Hercules) Hamilton (Sporting), Harrison (Pagrati) and with his appearance he moved to Spain and Murcia. In 1993 he returned to Greece and played for Larissa by Vangelis Alexandris. Before Macey, he moved first to Peristeri (1994) where he stayed for two years and averaged 15.3p and 8.6 rebounds, making the game great.

See the phase of one of them. Peristeri-Aris 71-64 (Mars with Orty-Sacleford) in a field that does not drop brooches (good season)!

Alfonso is unspeakable

The Peristeri continued to be the protagonist in Greece, to take on Europe's experience in the Korats Cup and in 1997, consider (from the past as ready) the team's technical leadership, Argyris Pedoulakis. Two years later, the door to "Andreas Papandreou" passed a player who never lost touch with a basket and a bright smile! His name, Alfonso Ford.

A special story, a goalscorer who is difficult to return to and even harder to see in Europe.

Ford at the age of 18, split as a first year at Mississippi State University. He scored an average of 29.9p and was the top scorer at the NCAA. He became the first player in the history of the university championship to have more than 25 points in all four years of college. The NBA does not really appreciate its talent. He will be selected in the second round of Draft (No 32) and will play six matches with Seattle Supersonic and five with Sicers. In the fight with the Bulls, he pretended to show what he could do in the field.

In the summer of 1995, he was ready to move to Europe, wearing a Huesca shirt in Spain. With 25.1m, he failed to save his team, he was considered a good goalscorer for the small team and somehow Kostas Mishas found the first number of Papagos lottery for the 1996-97 season. With "generals" Forde did things and wonders (23,9, 5,1, 3) created a personal fan club. Basketball lovers sacrificed a lot of afternoons at Papa's small stadium to see Al's terrible and terrible escape and score in general. The same was done in the next team, Sporting, which he jumped in 1998. (22.7p, 6.7p, 2.1as). It took a while from the court because of a rare disease in the blood that suddenly hit him. Back pain, they sent him to the doctor who at Al's examination found that the athlete was immediately in danger of losing his life!

The treatment he received was the result and in 1999 the talented scorer returned in Greece, this time on behalf of Peristeri. He recovered his form, finished the season with 22.7p, 4.2p and 3as, confirming Pedoulaki for his choice. Next year is … just taking off. Next to him, "Arzi" threw a stroke on Biron Dinkins (in 1996, a dice dispute between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos), Dane Andersen arrived at Peris and Alexis Zebrosenko (loan from Olympiakos) took Papamakarios-Pelekanos children's time "from the temporary team Kostas Tsartsaris giving another dimension (and quality) in position "4." The ministry also made impressive trips in Europe, exploited "splits" and … stabbed into the Euroleague 2000-01, the first of the modern era. The premiere in Madrid was revelation. And for Peristeri and Ford, the GSP won at Estudiantes with 71-66 and Al stopped … at 35 with too high a number: 7 / 11d, 5/9, 6 / 7b, 3r, 4s, 3cl! The match was a show for role

Ford violated in Greece (24.1m, 4.3p, 2.8as), where the Peristeri conquered second place in the regular and European seasons (26p, 4.1p, 2.7). They will follow Olympiakos, Siena and a sudden end, with his death on September 4, 2004. He is only 33 years old.

The man who took 10 from Alfonso is Adam Vojic. Poland made a great year (2002-03) having 20.9 in Greece and 18.4 in the Euroleague. He left his last breath at the age of 47, last August).

Other great players will "get out" from the 2002-2004 Conference. Pedoulakis provided the opportunity for the relatively unknown sad, from Rock Island University, who failed to try four NBA teams as injuries revealed the preferred disease of thrombosis in the lower extremities! It was Pete Michael, who, after surviving the operation, went for a year to Asia and decided to accept the Peristeri proposal. In Greece, when he arrived, he was 26 years old. Many thought it was a missing case. But Michael seized the opportunity and reached (with Barcelona) to the top of the Euroleague. On the A1 he has 21.1p, 7.8p and 1.9 assists, leaving the mandate of all-player players with very high standards.

And now Haro

That's how we are … Ryan Haro. The leader of the first team Peristeri in the Basketball League after returning to the "lounge" has a hefty legacy behind him. He looks ready to continue the tradition. Not too far to succeed too

Pedoulakis chose it

  • He has starred in Greece (with Rethimno two years ago)

  • This shows that he has been fully adapted to the demands of his team, which is second to none in the championship (5-0) along with Panathinaikos and Olympiakos.

People who play (for various reasons) in three well-known university groups (NC State, Kentucky, and Georgia State) are Andreas Papandreou's attractions, which are reminiscent of past glories. Pedoulakis has given him the freedom to … get ready, to attack each other and make use of all the corridors. All of this made him second championship scorer (16.2m) behind Steve Bart Jr., second best runner (5.8) behind Nick Kalathes and third highest scorer (94) where Mavroidis and Milutinov outperformed him. Not bad at all, we will say …

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