Saturday , May 8 2021

The new upgrade of OxygenOS to Open Beta 7 reveals roaming services


One plus

OnePlus seems to want to switch to mobile services, as a new upgrade to OxygenOS's Open Beta 7, opens roaming services for its users.

Specifically, this new service will be called OnePlus Roaming and will allow you to browse the Internet without a local SIM card. This is like a virtual SIM, ie. only with data without the possibility of regular calls. It will work globally in most countries without mentioning the full list of available countries and will include the economic programs available in your country / region so you can choose what's convenient and have access to the Internet without a SIM.

It will surely decide the hands of many who travel frequently, eliminating the need to go to a store and buy a SIM in your country, or use expensive roaming packages from your supplier.

Finally, OnePlus notes that these are just data and you will not be able to make regular phone calls or send SMS messages.


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Author: Apostolos Tigeridis.

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