Saturday , August 13 2022

What AIS gave was taken by AEK


The 15th place, which will retain five teams for Greece in the European Cups and the 2021-22 season, I think will be restored, if not immediately, in the group phase. It would have been a highlight with the victories of Mars and AEK, but the Union did not make us laugh.

Miguel Cardoso's team was very good in the first half with Craiova leading by an excellent goal from (formally) Petros Mandalos, missed opportunities to clear the match and then … sat down.

Her appearance in the second 45 minutes logically made the coach of Portugal furious, but it would also provoke a reaction from her fans if the Olympic Stadium was not empty due to AEK punishment.

Calm, giving the impression that he was almost indifferent, spared defeat in the details and at the finish when there was a double incredible chance of winning, Daniel Verde collapsed, missing two goals that were not lost, not by a player of his class but by (very) lower level player than the Italian.

AEK took the lead thanks to a 2-0 first-round win in Romania, but this second half should function as a (very strong) bell in view of the matches against Turkey's Trabzonspor, which clearly outperforms Craiova. frontline players like John Obi Michael and Jose Sosa.

Cardoso's team has enough to deal with within a week, so in its first game with the Turks (in the blank again) OAKA will get a score that will put it in the driver's seat in their quest to be in their clubs. Europa League.

Olympiakos, whatever he does with Krasnodar, is already there, PAOK I think (easy or difficult) will overcome the barrier of Slobodan Bratislava to give the clubs present, but the ideal is to do the right thing with AEK,

We could have had frameworks in certain circumstances, but Mars did not stand up and, although it touched on an epic rollover, was left with the (incomplete) comfort of victory and the finding that it could rule out Molde.

The Savas Pantelidis team lost qualification in the first game, after a long time swallowed up a team much more rolling and with many more official leg matches. In fact … 22 more!

Unlike AEK, however, Mars did (at least in part) its job of winning, even if the incredible reversal – qualification – did not come.

The Union should have been able to double its victory over Craiova, but, of course, it qualifies for the playoffs and has a significant chance of being in the clubs and giving Greece a last boost.

Our country's harvest this week, unlike the previous one, was not good (two wins, one draw, two losses, two qualifications and three exceptions), but the playoffs will largely determine the match with Cyprus.

AEK Larnaca was banned from Ghent and Apollo Limassol won two games against Austria in Vienna, now dreaming of Eindhoven, who is not doing well at the beginning of the season and in addition lost his big star (goes to Naples).

APOEL has already secured its presence in clubs (regardless of organization) and, if left alone, will find it difficult to keep up with the pace of Olympiakos, well aware of PAOK and, if not, AEK.

It is enough, of course, for PAOK to show Slovenia the "Ajax face", and for AEK to show in both matches with Trabzonspor, the serious image we saw in one and a half games with Craiova. But by no means is the second 45 minutes in Athens …

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