Monday , June 21 2021

"With Vasilis Karras and Zaferi Mela we ordered the suvlaki"

"Oh, that's where I got. And I kept the pounds, but no.

In the Lower Town of Cyprus and Alexandros Priftis, interviewed is Dimitris Starrovas, who once again is self-conscious and complains about the pounds.

Your humor is a possible "weapon" for women?

No, my body is! (Laugh). Do not laugh. While I was young, I'm telling you now, and I'm so weak that chickens do not matter to me. As I grew up and changed a little – do not laugh now, huh? "I saw that I had a bigger deal. Kiss, women are other beings. They think differently about us men. They are more reasonable, more square, definitely emotional, but they are another category than men. We always have children. I am a child and I will remain so.

What has changed since the age of 30 when you were 76 pounds?

Look, I was a young man, as I said. That means I ate a whole baking tray, but as a child I always "burned" because I was working on machines. Then I found myself in a recording studio, permanently attached. I remember Vassilis Karras and Zaferi Mela suvlaki and unhealthy foods. Oh, the descent is behind me. And I kept the pounds, but no.

So, to worry about the word diet?

What's the word for me? This is not going well. Sometimes I have a diet. And now, here, I'm trying to keep it, but more about my daughter. Be as strong and healthy as possible, her father. I want to look more, not to escape, to get together, to be close to my child. Over time it needs more attention.

Dimitris Storovas

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