Thursday , June 17 2021

Beijing official singing double spring Wutong Taiwan fermentation – Free Asia Radio Cantonese (RFA)

Beijing official singing double spring Wutong Taiwan re-fermentation Free Asia Cantonese Radio (RFA)

A spokesman for the Taiwanese presidential palace on Monday (11th) criticized Li Kisin, the Chinese envoy for the United States, for his irresponsible remarks and the reluctance of the international community. On the same day, the Chinese Foreign Ministry was asked, "The day the US warship arrived at Gaosun was the time when the military force united Taiwan." Whether it represents the position of the Chinese government, the spokesman Lou Hao answered and continued to stick to the principle of "peaceful unification and one country, two systems". (Huo Liangqiao Report) In Taipei, presidential palate speaker Juan Chongsi said that according to the diplomatic status of Li Kexin, the Chinese embassy in the United States, "the day the US warship arrived in Kaohsiung when the military force united Taiwan, that he should not be a president. The government replied. Huang Zhongyu pointed out that the international community has already seen Taiwan's efforts in the past, and hopes to gradually resolve the confrontation and differences between the two countries through good interaction between the two countries. Huang Chongsi said, "What is so in order to undermine regional stability not only does not want to see the international community, it is not a responsible practice." The US Congress adopted the "National Defense Force for a Financial Year for 2018," which asked the Pentagon to explore the possibility of mutual visits and attachment of American and Taiwanese warships. Li Kexin, the Chinese envoy in the United States (8th), was sent to the Taiwanese media in Washington. Lee Kexin said he once told the US Congress that "the day that US warships arrived at Gaosyun is a time when the People's Liberation Army used force to unite Taiwan." He also said the exchange of visits between US and Taiwanese warships violated the basic spirit of establishing diplomatic relations between China and the United States. In Beijing, when the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman was asked on Monday whether Lee Kexin's remarks represent the position of the Chinese government, Lou Hao did not respond positively. Lou said he would continue to stick to the principle of "peaceful unification, one country, two systems, promoting the peaceful development of relations between the Strait and promoting peaceful unification." On the same day, Yu Zhengsheng, chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, met with the delegation of the mainland party and one state, two systems with the highest sincerity. Do your best to strive for the prospect of peaceful unification. When Qiu Yizhen of the Taiwan Human Rights Association accepted this visit, he said that Taiwan and …

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