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Li Jingyu calls on Taiwan to fight for the rights of political prisoners

Li Jingyu calls on Taiwan to fight for the rights of political prisoners

After Li Mingze, a former party worker of the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party, was condemned on the continent,Li Jing, the wife who went to hear the sentence, returned to Taiwan on Wednesday.She asked the Taiwanese authorities to seek Li Mingge's rights and interests for political prisoners.The Taiwanese Affairs Office on the mainland believes thisEvidence of Li Mingzhe's case must be resolved by the Continental Court.Li Jingyu denied her husband as a prisoner of conscience.Never think there is a court. (Report Yan Guangzheng Taipei

Li Mingge's wife Li Jingue held a press conference at the airport and said Li Mingge had begun his career as a criminal of the conscience of human rights defenders, urging the world to continue to pay attention to him. She also thanked the United Nations and various civil society organizations in Taiwan for their care and help during this period.

Li Jingyu said: I hope that MAC and SEF can help the mainstream communication of political prisoners and the fundamental rights of family members to visit.

Ma Siaoguang, a spokesman for Taiwan's land-based office, responded in the morning that the Mainland Affairs Division had considered the case and made a decision in accordance with the law.

Ma Xiaoguang said: Li Mingzhe is guilty of undermining state power. The crimes are clear, the evidence is really enough, organized, planned and enforceable. Some people in Taiwan ignore the facts and attack the continent. This is a serious harm to the relationship between the strait. Whether Li Mingge's actions endanger the security and stability of the continent must be judged by the continental courts rather than the subjective prejudices of the Taiwanese authorities and some political organizations.

Ma Siaoguan said that respect for the mutual path of development and institutional elections is the minimum goal of developing relations between the two countries. The continent respects the existing social system of Taiwan, but that does not mean that the Taiwanese side can impose its political ideas on the continent and even break the laws of the continent.

As for the speech of the State Council Office on Taiwanese Issues, Li Jingyu believes that there has never been a recognition of the existence of a court.

Li Jingyu said: "Since the beginning of the Li Mingzhe incident, when the media friends asked me about the sentence yesterday, I have only one sentence, and I say again that there is no such thing as a court for political conscience because we maintain the value, what we say is based on our conscience, universal value. It is a value of human rights that can be understood and understood by the world.

Li Mingge was accused of undermining state power from the continent.ZhouSecondly, he was sentenced to five years in prison by the provincial court of Yueyang province, Hunan province, which raised concern in international public opinion. Cui Ge Ruisi, a spokesperson for the US Department of East Asia and the Pacific, said the United States was "disappointed" that Li Mingzhe was sentenced to five years in prison for "fuzzy charges" and urged continental authorities to release Li Mingzhe , "let him get together with his family."

In addition, the American Association of Taiwan (AIT) spokesperson Yue ShiyaZhouThe third (29th) confirmed that the US country was disappointed with the decision and urged Lou to release Li Minge.

Li Mingze disappeared after entering the continent on 19 March this year, and ten days later, the Taiwan Affairs Office confirmed that he had been detained for investigation. The case was dealt with on Sept. 11, and Li Minge was sentenced to five years in prison on Tuesday, and Peng Yuhua was sentenced to seven years, and both told the court they would not appeal.

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