Wednesday , September 28 2022

The new work of classic medieval RPG strategy "King's Bounty II" super fine picture quality is back again – Gameapps.HK Hong Kong mobile gaming network


King & # 39; s Bounty II is a new sequel to the first ever medieval strategy game King & # 39; s Bounty, released in 1990. This time, the quality of the game has been greatly improved and classic tactical turn-based combat gameplay is being implemented with fine images. Scenes with a rich RPG experience!

Players can choose from three characters, take risks in the open fantasy world, explore the world in a third-person perspective, choose tasks, and choose NPC communication. A hexagonal square turn battle is used when fighting. Strategically deploy your units and challenge your opponent's army to win.

The game includes a large number of different types of units such as infantry, cavalry and pilgrims. Each unit has its own skills and visual appearance, even an army of elves, trolls and other creatures, enjoying a more combat-like combat experience!

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