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The woman was in debt and sentenced to death at the end of the 7th year. Court hearing shocked the public "Lao Lai" – Hong Kong Sina

Original title: The woman is in debt and sentenced to death at the end of the 7th year.

Borrowing 1.59 million to hide for 7 years, the woman refused to appear

The Haidian Court was sentenced to 10 months in prison at the first trial. On the day of the trial, 21 other executed people were arrested and 17 people were detained.

Huimou became a person who was enforced because of a loan contract dispute, but he and his family refused to repay the loan and stayed outside for seven years. In June of this year, after the judge's execution of the Haidian Court obtained Hui Mou's whereabouts, he brought Huimou back to court along with the bailiff. On the way, Huimou first said that he had a big problem of 100 million yuan in Tianjin, as long as he made some money, then the upper body was "fine", pretending to faint. Because of the constitutive refusal to execute the verdict, Hui was sentenced to 10 months in prison at the Haidian Court on Thursday.

Debt lost and refused to repay money for 7 years.

It is understood that from December 19, 2007 to January 27, 2010, Hui's father borrowed 1.59 million from Mr. Wang. On February 3, 2010, Mr. Wang signed a payment agreement with Hui and his parents. Both parties agree that the creditor of the loan contract is Mr. Wang and the debtor are Hui's parents. After the agreement can be signed, Hui will not be able to contract, and Wang has no choice but to apply for a strong license. In 2011, after the Haidian Court accepted the case, Hui, a 24-year-old woman, lied that she was a member of the CPPCC and refused to go to court to explain the situation. His parents also avoided him.

Seven years have passed, and Hui has not fulfilled the obligation to repay, and even hid it. Then, the Haidian court confiscated a Ford Focus from the name Hui and asked him to hand the vehicle to court. However, Huimou still hasn't enforced a decision according to the law. After receiving notice, he drove to Xi & an, Shaanxi Province. Since then, his whereabouts are unknown until he was arrested while riding a train at the Beijing South Railway Station.

Judge station blocked the game of people with "stunned" bodies

On June 8 this year, the Haidian Court received instructions that Huimou would leave Beijing from the Beijing South Railway Station at around 1pm that day. The commander quickly gathered police officers to go there. Within minutes before the train departed, he managed to find Huimou and took the following vehicle.

Huimou is a famous brand, wearing a new Burberry T-shirt on his upper body, carrying a Chanel bag. When I saw the judge, Huimou said that he had a big problem of 150 million in Tianjin. As long as he released him, he would definitely pay back. Given the fact that Hui had hidden from the judge many times before, the executive judge decided to bring him back to court to explain the situation. Unexpectedly, at this time, Huimou suddenly fell to the ground and brought the female marshal who left him to the ground. After the court clerk will help Hui, he will not be able to walk on his feet and pretend he cannot walk. The police will bring him back to court after seeing him. After arriving at court, Hui Mou launched the game code "for marriage", saying that the heirs of the listed companies promised to pay off their debts, and the judge ignored them.

Bring information on changing your ID card with you as a debt

According to the executive judge, Huiyi handed over the real estate certificate as collateral when borrowing money, but the public security agency and the Chaoyang Housing Management Bureau considered that the real estate license was a fake certificate. It said the loan was, in fact, a suspicion of fraud. In addition, Huiyi had another loan dispute at the Haidian Court.

In court, the identity card brought by Hui Mou attracted the attention of the judge. The photo on the ID card is Huimou's mother, Li, but the name, ID number, address, etc. Not consistent with Hui's information, Li, and the effective date on the ID card is after this case has been executed. Huimou admitted that this was Ms. Li's identity card, saying that she had applied for a new identity card due to the demolition of her house.

"We have reason to suspect that the reason Huimou's mother might lie to someone else, or hide someone. Not only can't we find her, but her creditor can't find it."

Refusal to execute a sentence from a court sentenced

Because of the refusal to execute the verdict, Hui Mou was tried at the Haidian Court this Thursday. In court, Hui Mou (see above) did not object to the facts and crimes alleged by the public prosecutor. In the trial, Huimou said the most, "must reply as quickly as possible" "hoping to get an understanding." After the suspension of the collegial panel, the court sentenced the court to determine that Hui's behavior was a refusal to execute the verdict, and had to be punished and sentenced to 10 months in prison.

It is worth mentioning that on the same morning, the executive teams of the Haidian Court were sent separately, and people charged with cases of rejection or execution were arrested and they became special observers of the trial. Ten executed people who were held in detention at the detention center also attended the trial through the remote video system. After the trial, many previously enforced people told the judge that they were "worthless." Some people contact and pay for execution cases on the spot, and some write repentance books because they themselves ignore the law. Some are active and applied. People negotiate and reach a settlement agreement, and some say that they will immediately start using the house to coordinate with the court to evaluate the auction. According to statistics, a total of 21 people who were executed personally attended the trial and 17 were detained according to law. A total of 22 cases were executed, involving a total of 1,885,000 yuan.

Beijing Morning News reporter Huang Xiaoyu / text correspondent Zhang Jian

Source: Beijing Morning News

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