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0-3 for 5-3 to 23 minutes. This was also produced by the Bundesliga record group

As manager of Werder Bremen-Fortuna Dsseldorf kicks off the tournament this Saturday, the hosts will join the Bundesliga. It was from that moment that Werder Bremen won the most championship game in 1963.

Those who are aware of the Bundesliga will be very surprised by this: Pregnant as a record holder? Certainly this year the result is 57th, and Werder has lost only one of 56 so far. Just like Hamburg, everyone else is. Hamburg, on the other hand, is a different time than last year, so no one can tell you that the 56th is starting to be among the best.

Bremen is not bad at success. The tragedy in the Bundesliga has often come as a result of the triumphs of Bremen, and neither can the past decade's performance and results be forgotten. 1963 won the championship cm, ht thousands, bronze, 1992 won the KEK.

June 23, 1991 Otto Rehagel with the Nmet Cup in BermForrs: dpa Picture-Alliance / AFP / Ingo Wagner

this record: 1866 Bundesliga 1 talc, you will now be tied to Hamburg for a one-off start on Saturday night. That's all you want 2824 points and 3132 points, only Bayern knows all this in the data. However, if you are just a fan of the Bundesliga for the last 10 years, you have a right to wonder: was this club really new in the last decades?

It was really good. You play well, love and often succeed. Rgtn won gold in the second Bundesliga. Surprisingly, a year ago he was only 10th, 17 points (kts) below the champion. He scored 28 points in the championship in 1963-64 and 41 in 64-65. The first team of the championship was called Horst-Dieter Htges, who made a total of 66 appearances in nmet vlogs. He also played at the 1974 World Cup, World Champion. He was not a key player in the super grd that had been assigned to the Hellmuth Schnee thinking task, which may have been the key to his success.

Jeff Hurst from England goes to the nst Horst Httges for the 1966 World Cup in EnglandForce: Origo

In the GDR group he played with the GDR and if not, the top 8 would continue in the Argentine-Brazilian-Dutch trio (the first 8 were the winners and their winners took the dntt) with major trends in the weaker Polish-Yugoslavian-svd-hrmas. and to play against a home world champion that the invincible and unimaginable Beckenbauer-Schwarzenbeck-du directs defense is impossible. m In the 68th minute at 0-0, Schn replaced Schwarzenbeck (Beckenbauer just couldn't!), Httgest replaced him (we don't know what tactics were known) and as the inside vD kD got to know GDR got the glove to win. The GDR went to the Dutch-Brazilian with a clear victory for their propaganda leader, and Httgesk went to Dnt. Of course with the direction of Beckenbauer-Schwarzenbeck-du. Obviously, the one he thinks is wrong, so let's just keep it up that Httges hit the World Cup layer. s 420 Bundesliga Brand 1 in Werder T-shirt. In this match, only Dieter Burdensky's goalkeeper represented the club. He played in 444 games and was a member of the Second Championship. This line was the best in 1988, and a number of people within the band are known to today's fans. Along with Reg Burdensky, the key goalkeeper was the then young goalie Ollie Rek with Uli Borovka, Dieter Eiles, Thomas Schaff (rla mg mg), but Karl-Heinz Ridle achieved the greatest success. he was in love with the World Champion in 1990, not as Httges in 1974. Riddle was third in Vller-Klinsmann's superback, but Vller killed him afterwards. because of his ban, he plays a role in the Eighth Quarter, the Quarter and the Elders. The latter in Russian roulette endures the critical third-11 continuously, dropping his team.

At the time of winning the KEC in 1992, Riddle played in the main Italian event, but legendary trainer Otto Rehagel also had a few pounds to go with nine packs in the frame.

Karlheinz Riddle, one of the colonists, together with Werder in the Nmet World Champions Team (1990)Forrs: dpa Picture-Alliance / AFP / Verwendung weltweit, worldwide use / Ingo Wagner

This is a happy time, but it is true that it is not the compromised laymen who have given priority to their players. But since Bode, Allofs, Rufer, Newbart were in this position, it would be vicious not to eat his adversaries.

After winning the KEC, he won Werder's third gold and the coaching legend was there. Andy Herzog, Marco Bode and Klaus Aloffs were among the key players in the team. and then Thomas Schaff also made a big note about it. At the time, however, he not only pursued Plyn after Rehhagel (he was also vd), but also tried to counteract all his prostheses. It was so successful for Schaff that he managed Bremen's coach as King Otto.

Thomas Schaff was the best teacher at Rehagel's school. The coach became champion in 2004 with Werder BremenForrs: DPA / AFP / worldwide use, Verwendung weltweit / Carmen Jaspersen

and with such success, Bremen shared the fourth (to date) championship victory. The key player in the 2004 championship team was Hungarian player Kristin Liszt. the Hungarian player who made the most of the Bundesliga league cmrt. There were 30 pips in gold. Ramsul in Bremen also drove Nmet Kupt. Of course, Christine had some great trials in Colonel Schaff, including Manuel Friedrich, Fabian Erst, Mikuud, Ailton, Haristeas and Reinke.

Kristin List, who made a lot of Bremen's fourth league cmrForrs: DPA / AFP / worldwide use, Verwendung weltweit / Kay Nietfeld

Schaaf was the coach of Bremen from 1999 to 2013, but the team managed to get a double in 2004 only in 2010 with bronze. Since then, his gaming policy has not always been fortunate, so he has fallen into the fold. It wasn't near the exit either, but Bayern's fans are really hoping that we can kick off the record-breaking cm tonight. Although the 1979-80 season has once again come to an end, a year and a thousand ago it will be the "starter of the Bundesliga No. 1" on Saturday night.

This is a mark for the 1993 group league. What a surprise Bremen was BL ftbljn's first Nmet team. This is what prevents Bayern from happening and is inevitable. On December 8, the British team led Anderlecht to 3-0 in the 33rd minute.

On May 15, 2004, Werder Bremen honored its fourth cm in the BundesligaForce: AFP / David Hacker

He dismantled the zld-fehr team and showed no sign of victory. In particular, mg benefited from hromglos in the 65th minute. and at that time he showed a real sense of what was then led by Rehhagel trsasg, which German football fans see today.

  • 66 mins: 1-3, Rufer
  • 72 min: 2-3, Bratsheet
  • 80 min: 3-3, Hobsch
  • 83 min: 4-3, Bode
  • 89th minute: 5-3, Rufer

In 5 minutes, 5 g, rotate from 0-3 to 5-3. Such events are included in Werder mlt. and the record for today is: you can tell me on Saturday night that it will start in the Bundesliga1. If you are pregnant, you are up to date.

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