Monday , June 21 2021

Anno 1800 received Hungarian subtitles and a new release date

Anno-series of Austrian developers have always been part of the intelligent urban strategy games. Real-time strategy games say they are not too popular, roughly Tropico is at the helm of similarly managed high-end series. Fortunately, Ubisoft embraced Anno and made the sequel to Blue Byte Anno 1800, which was originally released in February. However, with Hungarian subtitles, Ubi announced it would be a bit late for the strategic game: the new premiere on April 16, 2019. However, the latest 20-year series will soon be explored by fans. Or those that come to a closed beta test that will run from January 31 (from 20:00) to February 4 (until 19:00). You can apply for a closed beta test on this link.

Anno in 1800 in the Industrial Revolution, 19th Century. In the 19th century, we can build our astonishing urban state, and even in the New World, America, we can despise our feet. From the era it follows that the gameplay will have an impact on industrial production, i. we will perceive the harmful effects of environmental pollution and overtime if we do not pay attention to these factors. In fact, we will have to look our eyes on diplomacy because too aggressive expansion can attract the attention of our enemies. The struggle, let us say, has never been the force of the series, and in Anno 1800 we must strive to make it a final decision and achieve our goals by economic, political and cultural means. The design system will make the construction easier and more efficient with which you can plan your work so you just have to wait for the right amount of resources. The appearance of the buildings will be more important than ever, as the decorative, seemingly living city will have higher incomes due to the attraction of tourists attracted by the metropolis.

Anno 1800 promises to be a good game and will be a return to the roots of the Anno games in the historic environment (they have not done so well with futuristic episodes). The new section will arrive on a computer on April 16th.

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