The 911 Porsche is probably the first sports car that a man learned when he was a child, a real icon with a serious tradition. Do they know that a young Hungarian designer temporarily sees how the new models of this icon look like?

We are now in the midst of a problem right now with Péter Varga, who has worked for more than a decade in a Porsche weissach design center and head car shape for two and a half years. So why is there a tailpip for the first Porsche electric car, Taycana behind? The car can only be seen on the streets when testing, rubbing it, but we also see that special exhaust.

Péter Varga: Of course, of course. This is a joke, a little weird. And even before I ask who he is, I will enter, mine. Taycan will be on the road in a year and a half, we are still working on small things. We have sat down with the Head of Development and we found that there is not much that can be done with this car because it is very different from the others, but at least that is strange. But obviously there is no need for tailpipes, and that won't end there. What about the day's work, what's the point if it's not a secret?

V. P .: Say you can find out what car I'm working on. This new generation of 911 this year will come this way, so we are ready to go. vice versa 2-4 years, when a model is ready, that is, I do quite a lot of what I did on the road in 2021 as something new. And in further developments, we are further away from 2025. But if we are here, it is always up to what will happen in the long run: is driving a car coming or are they driving? Much is certain, Porsche was built to guide someone. Encouragement is secondary, but Porsch will give up riding someone, not a priority. At the same time, strong brands are able to transfer any transformation to their products. How many designs return to consumer expectations, what car do they want?

V. P .: This is a marketing task, we serve them with two and three-dimensional models that can be "tested" in the audience. That has changed how much this result affects our work. 30 years ago, a model could cover several continents. For example, does VW Bogár work in many countries? Almost everywhere. Today, however, differentiation between Porsche customers is enormous. The fact is that the youngest age groups don't take our cars, but not only because of the money they will have for later people.

In China, for example, 10 to 15 years younger is a layer that has a lot of money. They care more about the attractiveness of a brand. If Europeans were asked what Porsche thought, the 911 model would be mentioned. However, Chinese people have a completely different story, think of Cayenne, a Porsche recreational car. The history of the brand is not really known. The other is Porsche working with a set of designs that have perfect technology, but this is not always a strong push for consumers in countries that are rapidly becoming richer.

V. P. CV

The Hungarian designer graduated from Zalaegerszeg, then began working in Germany while studying at the University of Pforzheim, where he graduated in Vehicle Science. He joined Porsche for his apprenticeship, and he was on Porsche one of the most expensive cars in the first generation Panamera.

Since then, ten years have passed and models such as Porsche 911 (code 991), Cayenne, 718 Boxster / Cayman, second generation Panamera and now the latest 911 (code 992) as well as a new era design, electric Taycan. the madness of SUVs is raging in the world, while, for example, in China, the one-child regime has ended, consumer demand can switch to family cars again.

V. P .: Everyone in a leisure car is very successful. For years I was with 911, so I didn't even think that there were many positive things for the Porsche Cayenne than I have ever experienced. It emits other forces out, but when sitting it can be far more relaxed to drive and see traffic. Size, proportion and usability, the higher seating position needed in the city, is the decisive factor in success. It's no coincidence that even future SUV models, such as the Volkswagen Tiguan, have great success. How do you know what's cool?

V. P .: Every week, we hold presentations called trends that not only come with strict driving themes but all are designed. All designers are invited, experts scan the internet, try to find out more effectively. But I have to admit that this is our job, and that might be good, has no direct effect. We build on our own creativity. The team itself is very diverse, sixty percent not German. Japan, Korea, Austria, France. There are two Hungarians, right, they are not designers but computer models.

In car shows, new generations, more and more diverse will come. For example, South Koreans now really want. This was not long ago, because when I studied, in 2004, there were almost no pictures. Now they have their own studio, and somehow this car shows that in their culture it is now very dominant. They want to come to Europe and get lots of applications from them. The amount is of course not always of high quality, but if there are talented people, you can also graduate from Porsch as a trainee, so if there is room for me, for example, I have 11 designers, then we will try to find a position. Tell us about cars that are all classic for something.

V. P .: that Fiat Panda, which is a small box, not the most expensive car, is not the fastest, but is very distinctive. that Land Rover Defender or a DeLorean, a movie car Back to the Future, childhood love, fascinated. that Jaguar E-type or a Renault 5 Turbo, but I will put everything on the line, everything I think is right. If we look at Porsche then a Porsche 550 Spyder or the earliest Porsche 911 Turbo.

Péter Varga attracts Porsches in two minutes: How do you see your work later?

V. P .: In 2003, I was first at Porsch in Weissach when I was invited to a show. The gate opened, I only saw Porsches everywhere. And not the Cayenne, Tigers, Panamera recreational cars, only 911 everywhere. I don't want to go home from there. Even now, when I'm done with work, this year's event is in Geneva Mission E Cross, and finally people see it, so my heart is drunk.

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