Sunday , May 9 2021

Christina Barani won the election in Ferencvaros

Krisztina Baranyi (j) and György Magyar (center), chairman of the election commission for civil electionsPhoto: Dániel Ács

Opposition elections in Ferencvaros are over. From 14 to 16 August they can vote in IX. region for who is the mayor of Fidesz Janos Batskaya. The tents were closed on Friday at 2:00 pm and could be voted on. The vote was conducted by the Civic Election Commission and the votes were gathered at the law firm of Giorgi Madyar.

Christina Baranya won by 72 percent with a total of 1,464 votes. Andrea Yancho received 566 votes.

Turnout was beyond expectations. Earlier, Momentum said they would be pleased with the presence of 1,000 people, compared to 2030, who contributed to the ballot box. According to Diorgi Madjar, head of the election commission for civil elections, he has a five percent turnout, which is "significant internationally".

A snap vote was needed as the opposition split into two camps in the district. One of the camps supported Krisztina Baranyi's representative and the other also former former LMP Independent Municipal Representative Andrea Jancsó. Big Parties, MSZP, Momentum and Jobbik supported Andrea Yancho. The dog party, LMP, Puzsérék and the key association were behind Baranyi.

IX. the district has several reasons why the cost of opposition is rising. On the one hand, Fidesz was relatively weak in the EP elections here. Moment and DC had more votes than Fidesz without the other opposition parties.

  • Fidesz-KDNP: 38.3
  • Inertia: 22.83
  • DK: 17.13
  • MSZ-P: 7.69

So this district seemed to be gaining ground for the opposition, so the parties started competing for it, understandably. According to the previous opposition agreement, Article IX. Christmas was nominated in the 13th quarter, so the Dialogue, which after a local poll, finally closed with Christina Barani. But later, the right to nominate Dialogue was transferred to Momentum, the opposition party best represented in the EP elections, which launched Andrea Yancho. Christina Barani, who was not invited to the talks with the opposition, did not withdraw anyway. Pre-selection is recommended.

The question arises as to why the nationally known Christina Barrani was not a suitable candidate for opposition parties. Inertia previously stated that Baranius does not consider himself an integrative person, unwilling to make enough compromises. Barani, on the other hand, says he is only willing to compromise with opposition forces that have cooperated with local Fides in recent years in scandals, corruption and suspected cases of corruption.

The agreement between Barani and Yancho was reached after long work. One of the most controversial points in the treaty was the fate of the loser. Under the original agreement, if Baraniy failed in the election, he would almost certainly fall out of the political life of the area. The left parties made it a condition for them to nod invisibility to the list of individual candidates and compensation collected by opposition parties. By not being on the list and not accepting that no one who supports him can be on board and even if he loses, he cannot be a representative. Eventually, the agreement was amended to allow pre-election loser Andrea Yancho to start in the most isolated area. If he wins, he can participate in the work of the municipality.


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