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Do not know what hit the Titanic bodyguard

To many, this is the 20th century in the first decade of the Olympic Division Division. The "white star" trsasg chess is only part of the classmate, RMS Olympic "dies in the bush, in a hurry," which means it was broken in the mail in 1935. This is the most cynical choreography – a member of the RMS Titanic, the first from the big runners who sneak into the hull, and the genius artefact of the tragedy based on his studies, Britanic did not boast.

The frosty collapse of the Atlantic Ocean is the "hair of the lime"

Early in the morning of November 21, 1916, Fugus Krajaja, one of the biggest brothers of the day, HM Britanic during the Bonging, shook the tranquil sea in the bay of the Gulf of Lemnos. Painted paintings with sidewalls and worn out paintings have been painted in a luxury building to date.

HMHS Britanic, the Olympic Olympic Champion, was the third most famous but never considered transatlantic passenger trafficForce: Pinrest

It was almost as rotten as the RMS Titanic, the first of its kind, the tragedy and the first of its kind.

The resemblance was not genuine,

because Britanic was the third biggest hit of the White Cross star triad, the biggest Olympic class.

The tragic fate of RMS Titanic is the basis of the hairstyleForce: Christian Stentel

The idea of ​​the class was written in July 1907 on a delightful dinner

the great power of Trsag, Joseph Bruce Ismai of the Titanic, and Lord William James Pierre of Belfast Harland and Wolfe.

Lord Pierre, Harland and Wolff's hair in the open sea hat, and Bruce Ismay, head of the "White Star"Force: National Museum of Northern Ireland

It was Jesmai who screamed,

that the Olympic class will be the largest, lightest and most cynical covenant of the era,

is the most controversial competitor of the Lustyania class of the Kundar Line in 1907.

Cunard Crucifixion RMS Lusitania cenjrja leaves New York (once chart). It was the fastest hair in the world that first won Kk RibbonForce: Madame Gourin – WordPress

The scandal "grandisus" was soon taken over,

On December 16, 1908, the first, nvad unit, the RMS Olympic spine, was created in Belfast.

Ishmai wanted to put on the biggest and brightest hair of the dayForce: Wikimedia Commons

The classic nimbus was the second and it was the catastrophic crash of the RMS Titanic with the strangest and simple inscription.

Titanic 1912. Clip 15 in the morning 2 at 20 in the morningForce: Ken Marshall

The censer was the first to be seen in Southampton, New York, at the dawn of 1912 when it came to a decade when it stopped, and slammed more than 1,500 people into the frozen ocean corps.

He had a better name and he was much more right than Titanic

The huge three-legged Titanic catastrophe waved the leader of the White Star, the third, the last, and the name.

Titanic causes the ruin of the White Star Line leaderForce: AFP

The Titanic tragedy, Bruce Ismail, originally called your giant name for the last luxury genius of the class, holds him as a goddess for the crash.

The Titanic incident is changing all the way to the seaweed sword.

The Olympic Division, the latter, the Brit Cenjr, tried to take this into account.

The Briton was the same slider on which the champion was the first, and the Olympic (also known as the Britannic ptsrl)Force: Pinrest

The British backbone was placed at the Olympic Saloon for 13 hours on November 30, 1911.

However, due to the tragedy of Titanic,

and this has prolonged the time spent in the latter.

One of Brittenic punks grew up in the Harland & Wolff hair band in BelfastForce: Atlantic lines

Surprised by the accident with the Titanic, the vzzr divisions rise upwards and rise to level B coverage.

Amg had the Titanic 16 camera and in Britanich they raised them to 17. The rules were installed with the rescue jacket 46, which was equipped with a motorcycle.

One kilometer from BritannicaForce: Atlantic lines

(The Titanic had 16 large and small jets.)

Britanich had a larger turbine power, with a 21-barrel (39 km / rs) travel bag.

Like the first class in the Olympic class, the White Star Line designed Britanic to be the largest passenger in Liverpool and Southampton, New York.

First class class, Olympic (left) and TitanicForce: Wikimedia Commons

Because of the tpts, however, the hair is badly damaged. Brittanic was sent in 1915, and the first killer destroyed him.

The groom who never came to New York

Admirals, in the light of the local population, also classify civilian warships in warships that were led by a team or armed with a sword.

Britannic was the last class in the class to take into account the Titanic tragedyForce: Atlantic lines

In the first half of the year the great ropes were not bought, and by 1915 the situation changed rapidly.

Lusitania in New York. The culprit left by the British in the civil service – triggered by the sabotage of military rules – was thrown into a military rocket that, after a warning,Force: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

On November 13, 1915, he ordered the admirals to arrive in Krajja, whose name is HMHS (the Divine Ship of His Majesty), Britanic, on the occasion of the death of Lucitenia in 1915.

Lusitani in 1915 Mio 7 on the shores of the U-20 drowned in underwater watersForce: YouTube

Britannic painted in Madrid, the Royal Navy.

With these highly focused censors, Mauretán and Akitanec took over the British shipwreck in Gallipoli.

Britanic is prepared with a light snack. Krhzhajknt spent many missions at sea in FlikiForce: Titanic and other white starships

He was anchored in Belfast in 1916 in a thriving Mediterranean rocket that was restored by a besieged official because he officially returned to White Star.

The Briton who is painted in a penForce: Atlantic lines

Britannic does not even run in New York because the recession of hair has almost ended,

On August 28, 1916, the Admiralties conquered the seabed,

who on September 24, under the crusaders of the Greys River, rediscovered the sea in Flood, where he succeeded.

There is a huge detonation of the queen

At night, we also return on 19 November 1916, early in the morning, to the Gulf bay along the British coast. Captain Bartlett, the commander of the British Army, pursued the cry of the water when detonating the fort at 8 am at 12 am.

In the great detonation hair quickly began to fall asleepForce: Pinrest

The slaves were fired into the GZS security system.

The mistake of the Titanic was safer and safer, but it did not bother her that the sea of ​​seawater would quickly thwart six compartments and notice the hair.

This is from the sophisticated interior of BritannicForce: Anonymous

At the end of the day the detonator was in a plug like Titanic with a blade.

As Titanic opposed the chassis chamber, Titanic managed to resist a few millimeters while the older Briton took less than 55 minutes.

Britannic is a massive man, he is swollen fastForce: Pinrest

When he realized that the Briton was immaterial, Captain Bartlett took X-fury at the last minute to run Ka for sale and did not have time to do so.

This is the Titanic and the British Catheter

For quick-release resins, it is possible to keep hair away from the hair and store it in a layer of cream in mg.

The 36 hearings of the British catastrophe have lost much attention.

When the molds started to lower passengers, Captain Bartlett tried to turn Aries into Ka.

The mighty mayor jumped asideForce: Pinrest

The hair bolts were milled and one of the dowels dropped to the point of dew

the fast two-wing screwdriver turned into a male, and in the air.

Milligrams of twisted screws have stuck one of the buds together with themForce: Pinrest

1038 in the stakes of the battles and the subsequent alarm, full throttle valve of HMS Scourge and HMS Heroic helped land.

Violet Jessup of the Titanic and the British catastrophe were also skepticalForce: Orig

Britannic's heirs also had Violett Jessop poln, who in 1912 handed Titanic the eyes,

and that was one of the 705. HMHS Britannic is the largest hair ever to be destroyed during the First World War.

According to Cousteau, not one but two explosions

According to the official version, the British tragedy is caused by his robbery. There are, however, thoughts and infallible races that cause the cause of the disaster today not as close to what the official version suggests.

The tragedy quickly spread among those of us that there was a second detonation caused by the explosion of secretly deposited military materialsForce: Atlantic lines

The British ransom was opened 59 years later in tragedies, and in 1975 Jacques-Iv Cousteau discovered the legendary French seaweed

in the Gulf of Mexico at 95 meters. The destroyer was explored by the Cousteau research team in 1976.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the legendary French sea voyage, discovered the British ransom in 1975.Fors: The Society of the Cleanses

Cousteau, a British remnant of sloping crafts, adhered to the assumption that a quick hairstyle could be caused by a first detonation.

Captain Bartlett, who also wore the hair, ruled out the test committee that Britanic would banned briberyForce: Pinrest

Not long after the British tragedy,

that the censor is a secret detention with the bloody dick,

it was similar to Lusitania, and the explosion of them was caused by the huge gzs relatively quickly.

The three-dimensional storyline of the British shipwreckForce: HMHS Britannic

But Cousteau's research team did not laugh at any complicated testimonies just as the ex-captain of the hair, Bartlett, apologized for not having heard this before an examination board.

According to Cousteau, the sucked blast is causing the second detonatorFors: The Society of the Cleanses

According to Cousteau, the second detonator may have been caused by the snow.

(Snowdrops can be explosive if hung in the trunk and a little air.)

It's about the interior of the BritonForce: Orig

However, the Brexidex researcher in 1999 was afraid that the nineteenth century under the nasal tile and the bar was also lame and sneezing was rejected.

The text of the spirit of Lucien

He found that Krhzhain's huge carts could explode, causing a sharp whip.

But the British cadre had disappeared,

it may be quite possible that in the case of 3 000 war crimes warriors or war criminals, they could work with larger amounts of explosive space.

Brittanic was once a postcard. The center is not a transatlantic channelForce: Orig

According to Hugh Sarde and George Steier's report, the official investigation shows that only one explosion under the nose causes destruction of the 2 and 3 chamber chamber causing serious damage to the floor structure.

From the rocks it can be seen that the hair is sharply damagedForce: HMHS Britannic

Captain Charles Alfred Bartlett, the captain of the hair, said at the hearing:

but the oppressed power was bursting, the hair trembling trembling … "

– Kr was widespread and the whole hair bottom was destroyed and according to my report, Kaznhz also … Black fstfelh could be, and SR fst for some time is fullast. "

vszjados krds, which is a real state

According to the United Kingdom, the loss of Britannan was caused by the British defeat of Britain, which was one of the units of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy Play (now Pula, Croatia) under the command of the captain of Gustav Says under the command of Captain Gustav Siece. occasion.

Gustav Cisek Captainleton, commander of the U-76Force: HMHS Britannic

He also fired the torpedo tower, and the Cloths were destroyed by the U-Boot fleet or by the Oslo-Hungarian submarine, as none of their submarines worked on November 21.

U-76 is a warship ship (today Pula)Force: Picasa 2.7

Some warlords and military defense specialists have also abandoned the official state of affairs,

then the usable nm could not cause the magnitude and character of the collar as shown to the recorders of the ruins.

Els complains. Some specialists will be excluded from the official mining optionForce: Orig

Britain's tragedy can not be considered a catastrophe 102 years after the crash.

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