Sunday , September 26 2021

Gasoline is cheaper – Economy – News

The price per liter of gas oil has not changed at this time.

On Wednesday, the gross price of 95 liters of gasoline was reduced by 5 HUF per liter, gas oil prices were unchanged, MTI said Monday. With the reduction, the average gasoline price will be 386 HUF per liter. The average price of gas oil is 429 HUF per liter.

The last fuel price changed on Wednesday, with an increase of 3 forints, the average oil gas price rose to 429 forints and gasoline remained 391 forints. Drivers can also find 50-forint differences between filling stations.

Gasoline prices peaked in early April 2012, one liter 451 forints. Gasoline is the most expensive in mid-January 2012, averaging 449 forints.

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