Monday , June 14 2021

Gold can be great this year

Tbb is a golden button at the same time and the favorable climate will continue over the next few days. According to some elements, the speed of opening the noble man may fall to the level of 1400 dollars.

As the US central bank insisted on the Fed, the older ones raise interest rates and global uncertainty is on the rise, the flow of gold may increase further.

Radsul's central banks are throwing gold against 50 Cent to diversify their content rather than to deplete the currency – including the US dollar.

Vilggazdasg and national geopolitical problems fundamentally undermine the search for shelter, which, with the golden glory of the central bank, may be a very serious asset to the nobleman.

Jet is the other

So far, however, the golden flow has slipped into the range of 1217-1330 dollars, but there are some who think it can change soon. The name pnzgyi of INTL FCStone is available in pnzgyi services, and the next nmy hmg in this field will remain gold, but v in the second half of ttrs.

The flow of gold can flourishForr: AFP / Ozan Kosse

According to CNBC, Martin Huxley said vgg mersfm mr may deviate from the level of $ 1400. Huxley pointed out that the Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates, and this is a golden ersdst.

Similarly, Standard Chartered analyst Suki Cooper, who said during CNBC's CNBC Day, is likely to test gold in the fourth quarter of this year in 2018 and 2017. Vgl can also be relieved to beat the horns he had before.

Ticket Bank

At the same time, the gold bills of the central banks are exciting on the market. Globally, in the past year, central banks accounted for 650 tons of gold, representing a total of 15 in the common market. Huxley signaled Radas we can do a revolutionary revolution if we say that 10 years ago, pnzgyi vlsgot will prevail, central banks sell the network to the gold market. The current situation is a radical turn – now more than a thousand tons of golden rolls.

According to the analyst, balances with central banks are different for the sector. Klsen said there are no golden nations such as Russia or Kazakhstan but Poland, Hungary, Flop Islands and soon Ppen Kna join the ranks.

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