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Audi-ETO-Thüringer HC 31-28 (19-15)
Győr, Audi Arena, Women's Champions League Match, Group C, Round 4, 5,307 spectators. V: Prastalo, Balvan (Bosniaks).

Audi-ETO: Kiss E. – Knedlikova 3, Groot 4/2, Oftedal 5/2, HANSEN 6, Amorim 3, Fodor. CS .: Grimsbö, LEYNAUD (goalkeeper), Brattset 4, Blast 1, Kristiansen 2, Bódi 2, Görbicz 1. Coach: Gábor Danyi.

THC: GIEGERICH – Jakubisova 1, Triscsuk, LUZUMOVA 7/3, Huber, BÖLK 5, Grossman 2. Cs .: SCHMELZER 4, STOLLE 8, Mazzucco, Lang, Sazdovska 1. Coach: Herbert Müller.

Seven meters: 7/4, respectively. 3/3. Exhibition: 2 or. 8 minutes.

Gábor Danyi: – We played a lot of mistakes, but I am satisfied with the attitude, struggle and spirit of our team. And of course my victory, because that's the most important thing. There are days like that, this is our team.

Herbert Müller: – After the first half of the home match, we lost the second in the second round. We want to avoid this, and we do our best to compete with one of the best and most profitable teams in the world. I am glad that we have achieved this in this fantastic atmosphere.

Anne Mette Hansen: – We have to fight for sixty minutes. Sometimes it's good that there are games like that because they show their shortcomings. The point is we can win.

Group status
1. (and continues) Győr, 8 points;
2. Mercator Cream Ljubljana (Slovenian), 5;
3. Podravka Koprivnica (Croatia), 3;
4. Thüringer HC, 0

1st round

10 minutes into the game, 8-5
15 minutes: 10-8
19 minutes: 12-12 – Audi ETO timeout
25 minutes: 15-14
In the first round: 19 to 15

Women's Handball BL - Audi ETO-Thüringer. Photo: H. Baranyai Edina

Longer, almost five minutes a goal from Gyor was used by Thüringer and in the 21st minute he took the lead. At the end of the first round, the ETO attack power returned more effectively and Győr's team took the lead again. The German team played a number of technical errors in the first half as opposed to them. Defense for troops has not been given much emphasis.

2nd round

5 minutes: 20-18
6: 20-19
8: 20-20
10 minutes: 22-21
12 minutes: 22-22 – Danyi Gábor asks for time.
15 minutes: 24-24
18 minutes: 26-25 – German time-out.
25 minutes: 29-27
26th Minute: 30-27 – Last German deadline
30 minutes into the game: Danyi Gábor leads.

The German team who successfully worked in the first half of the second half drew four first-half goals. Audi ETO fought a lot of defeats (in attack and defense), but struggled with Leynaud's defense in the last 5 minutes to change the game in his favor.

Photo: H. Baranyai Edina

With his new success, the Hungarian team also provided mathematical support for his progress to the semifinals. Both teams played in Germany on October 21, then Győrs won 38-22.

The Gyor goalies are: Hansen 6, Oftedal 5, Groot, Brattset 4-4, Knedliková, Amorim 3-3, Bódi, Kristiansen 2-2, Görbicz, Blows 1-1

This time Zsuzsanna Tomori and Nora Mörk, who recovered from the injury of the Hungarian team, lost. The home team played very well in the first five minutes, but then reduced their concentration, so after ten minutes, the score became two goals (8-6). Despite the Éva Kiss's great defense in the 19th minute, Czech Republic goalkeeper Iveta Luzumova was the goal of the goalkeeper, and despite the time the head coach of ETO Gábor Danyi, Germany (12-13) immediately took charge.

The last ten minutes of the first half won again, and thanks to Norwegian Kari Karib Skaar and Denmark Anne Mette Hansen, ETO took the lead four times during the break. After a turn, the home player is twice weaker seven times, and because many other situations are missed, the opponent is equalized (20-20). Both teams sell a lot of balls, due to the fact that the last quarter of an hour has even started (25-25). Anita Görbicz, Veronica Kristiansen from Norway, and a few minutes later, Nycke Groot also lost one goal, while French midfielder Amandine Leynaud produced a number of smart defenses, so Győr finally beat his opponent with three goals. Alicia Stolle is the eight most successful players in the tournament. On Saturday, Slovenia Mercator Cream will play in BL's house, and Ferencváros will receive the Romanian band CSM Bucuresti in Érden on Sunday.

Group D: 1. (and continued) Győr 8 points, 2. Krim Mercator Ljubljana (Slovenian) 5, 3. Podravka Koprivnica (Croatia) 3, 4. Thüringer HC 0 Week playing: Group D: FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary – SG BBM Bietigheim (Germany) 33-30 (17-13) Position: 1. Ferencváros 6 points, 2. CSM Bucuresti (Romania) 4, 3. Vipers Kristiansand (Norway) 3 (111-109), 4. Bietigheim 3 (112 -116)


After the first three matches, the Győri Audi ETO KC perfectly led the EHF Women's Handball League group, Gábor Danyi was in the path of the Audi Arena in Győr on Monday.

They can play in BL

For Audi-ETO tonight defending the green and white receives Thüringer HC Germany in BL. The two teams met in Germany on October 21, and then the green-white winner was 38-22 easier than expected.

Gábor head coach Danyi is now facing a difficult match:

Knowing the German mentality, I hardly thought that it would come to THC Gyor with his hands raised. Now this is a new game with new tasks and new motivations. We at each match salute our opponents, the audience, to give the best performance, I believe, this is a sure win, but I repeat: I warned everyone to start the first leg of the first match. "

Telt House, 8484 fans at Dunajská Streda; celebrate the girls held in Gyor – a DAC victory over Görbiczék

Before the match, he called the Audi-ETO at the end of the match, and in the end the winning home team praised around nine thousand people on Saturday night at the stadium in Dunajská Streda. Gábor Danyi, ETO coach, is always respectful, with such a mood, and really likes the football team. With DAC Vida Krisztofer scored 1-0 against Nyitra.

A sad memory has caused the DAC-Nitra Slovak league championship on the Sabbath: only ten years ago, the Slovan DAC, the title that year, came to many villages in Csallóköz, Mátyusföld and all Felvidék, cities and Hungary. During the match, however, hell, heavily armed command starts with a sector filled with most Hungarian fans, and without anyone avoiding it. Fifty injuries were made – no coincidence that B DAC centered on "Don't forget" molin on the fence.

But on Saturday, there were no complaints about the mood. Audi-ETO was invited to join Dunajska street, fans in the VIP Silver sector can meet with all squads, who are called one by one before the match. The best handballs in the world applaud at 8484, and there is a house full in the arena. This is also a big problem because DAC in second place in the championship have been defeated in the last two matches.

"I have never been to a DAC match, and I just passed the city. Of course, I have heard of matches here, and we are happy to meet this invitation: this applies to other sporting events where there is such a mood and they like "It's always fantastic and honorable. Football is mainly on TV, I'm not a big fan of Barcelona, ​​but it's more stylish than me, and I like Liverpool and Dortmund fights," Gábor Danyi, ETO coach, told Little Plain. Meanwhile, they were photographed with fans.

Before the match, the band "Without You" was sung with a singer from Somor, with B center, but clearly Zsuzsa Tomori and Anita Görbicz who knew the song, knew the lyrics.

In the home team, Zsolt Kalmár was unable to play for five yellow cards, but there were two other Hungarian football players: Máté Vida and Vida Krisztofer. In fact, they are also the match protagonists, both of which are very good, Krisztofer kicked the goal from the match. DAC maintained second place in the championship, six points behind leader Slovan. The next team visited Rózsahegy.

"I really hope that the players and team leaders at Dunaszerdahely can be seen at the handball match in Győr. This relationship, which has been established with this visit, can continue," Gábor Danyi said.

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