Wednesday , July 28 2021

Headlines – New IT systems at Budaö specialists

The new information system has been armed by the Budaörs Health Center. The change itself was hardly realized during October. However, this is a major development that can contribute to making patient supply more smoothly, to reduce waiting time.

Since mid-October, the Budaörs Health Center has been transformed into a Multi Medical Application Enterprise, EMMA health information technology software. This application provides an integrated platform for outpatient care, occupational health services, general practitioners, and, in the near future, for the one day surgical department. These divisions in one building have so far used different registration programs, all of which appear modern, practical, when they are made.

"We inherit unreliable computer records from the past Said Zoltán Zsákai, director of Jump Consulting, who ran the operation. – This causes the frequent presence of patients with printed paper between the two sides of the corridor, which cannot be maintained in 2018. First of all, we decided to invest in IT. In addition to the cables needed, building renovation is possible. "

System installation, the task of migrating data created by the developer on time. In addition, vendors provide five-day administration in the post-launch period to correct errors to prevent unintentional interference. "However, collaborating with user pages is at least as important – said Zsolt Zsákai – Hundreds of our staff, doctors and assistants had to move from software that was rarely used, but used to use EMMA. We have been trained for them in the previous weeks. If the transition to patients remains smooth, it is their worth to thank all our employees for " – said the head of the office responsible for the operation.

The aim of the development is to improve patient care standards. "The introduction of a single IT system contributes to the decline in administration and the smooth flow of patient care. The front shortening of the lab is clear, current referrals through computer systems, do not need to duplicate patients being examined." – Zoltán Zsákai attracts attention.

An additional benefit of EMMA is allowing family practitioners to join their systems from their own computers by entering passwords from outside, where they can see their own patient history or even get referrals to each clinic. This system offers long-term opportunities for online ordering, too, which are expected to be available next year. Connections to general practitioners are voluntary and free, and many Budaörs family practitioners have been trained, and their patients' illnesses can be simplified in the future.

Questions about computer records are always questions about data management and data security. EMMA, which is used by health institutions and large hospitals, also adheres to the strict privacy policy of the Budaors Health Center at the end of the summer, ensuring that no health data is very sensitive to unauthorized personal data. In addition, the software simplifies the provision of information for health care providers for the Electronic Health Service Area (EESZT), which has been established since November 1, 2017.

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