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How did the English national goalkeeper sign? Of course he was drunk … –


Man plans, God does – at least so much soothe ourselves and each other if we fail as usual. This also applies to one of the most interesting segments of the football world, transfers. Wife, parent, drunkenness, solarium, luxury car, abduction, death threat, greedy agent, rudeness, broken fax, wool boots, word of the Lord, Icelandic volcano, sex mother-daughter, hangover, some tooth in the hole , the Brazilian government, arrests, throwing money, dog breeding, fire trucks and Sharon Stone have all lost their transfer. Our series deals with LAST CERTIFICATES.

Andreas Kyopé was almost dismantled several times in 1996 … (Photos: AFP)

Andreas Kyopke – FC Barcelona, ​​1996

The brilliant German goalkeeper, Andreas spits At the height of his career in 1996, he was a fresh European champion with VfB Stuttgart. Schwabbs proudly presented it at a press conference. However, the goalkeeper coach received a good offer the following day ($ 1 million a year with today's money) from FC Barcelona and wanted to withdraw his signature from Stuttgart due to legal illogicalities. After a prolonged circus, it happened, but impatient Catalans bought Vítor Baia for 6.5 million euros – Spit couldn't complain because he brought it to Marseille, which gave Eintracht Frankfurt $ 300,000.

One T-shirt is not yet the world, this will be discussed in our series … (Source:

Great Brazilian midfielder, Emerson In 2004, he nearly sold the AS Roma to Real Madrid, the player's agent and the club agreed with the requester, but the footballer intervened that he had already told Juventus that he would sell it there. Two years later, Madrid bought Mercer from there and regretted it.

Matthew Flamini but despite giving his word to the Marseille Olympics for an extension in 2004, he signed with Arsenal – the British escaped with a fine of 480,000 euros, but he was still free. Flamini later had a great conversation sitting on the bench in Milan for five million euros a year. Maybe that's why you can soon be one of the richest people in the world …

József Kardos – Rbaba ETO, 1984

Not everyone has given their word voluntarily. Joseph Cardoso his contract expired in 1984 (but where was Bosman's rule?), the largest Dosa asked for one million forints, which was a small sum for many. The most skilful hearing was Rato ET in Győr, which attracted a married midfielder with an apartment and a high premium, already planning a second child, but alarmed at a very small apartment. Cardos was resolved: dressed in green and white, saying that Győr was already the capital of Hungarian football (and by the way, he kicked the harbor with his coach Miklos Temeswari) and went to Győr for training in July – a big mistake.

According to Újpest executives, they are threatened by a two-year ban on MLSZ and while Cardos holds on for a while, he signs a new four-year contract with the capital after the start of the tournament.

The Dose drivers, who sent him by truck to Cardosert Gyor and moved him home, made a rubber rod for their performance: they wanted to bring the Gellérthegy apartment service to Ferenc Bene in Cardos, who had enough possession that he did not want to throw away. the legend that spends his home.

At that time, the Swordsman came to Dosa from Salgotarjan on a four-way exchange, ie. but just because he agreed with Debrecen's leaders, and because he would get a room in an abandoned train station near the train station, he was not justified there. Later, Antal Nagy invited him to Yverdon, Switzerland, but after a few training sessions, Cardos thought once and went home. He was appointed head coach of Progress in 1998, but resigned for family reasons.

In 1989, Ascoli sold his big hitter, Bruno Giordano second-class Turin, but the head coach of Turin and some players in the team vehemently protested. Giordano understood the word and signed for Bologna. Nevertheless, this is the name you need to understand the crowd … Napoli's former icon later got himself into a scandal with a fur coat, and then he is Tatabanya's trainer!

What? Who did I sign for? And how much does this divorce hurt you ?!

Our big favorite David "Chaos and Confusion" James, who was so drunk in 2010 that he was contracted with Bristol City during his intoxication (he had previously negotiated with Tottenham, Portsmouth, Sunderland, Celtic and Fulham). To apologize to the goalkeeper, this act happened on the day after your wedding. Also …

"I was wondering where to go while my wedding was being organized. In the morning I was on the phone looking for an unknown number and I usually do not answer these calls, but since I was still drunk I answered. To my great surprise Steve Kopel was on the other end of the line … " The goalkeeper himself recalled his fragmentary memories. Who was not as bad as when he divorced his previous wife because he subsequently went into private bankruptcy, losing millions of euros in divorce.

It was just an expensive signature …

Charlie Adam Crush Bale (Photo: AFP)

Charlie Adam – Tottenham, 2011

In January 2011 the tireless midfielder was very close to being certified from Blackpool to Tottenham. The clubs, player and agents agreed, only one member of the seller's management could not be reached for the required signature. As it turned out later, the waist driver was looking forward to the long delayed call, simply forgetting to turn on his recent phone. When it finally turned on (including the phone), it was too late, two minutes from the transfer deadline. The Scottish waistline could take comfort with Liverpool next summer, though his time was running out fast – when Adam kicked Gareth Bale, Scott Parker and Paulinho out of spit season after season, he was no longer a new career player, the Londoners promised. And all because of the cool phone!


Pavel Nedved – PSV Eindhoven and MSV Duisburg, 1996

The later gold ball was "just" one of the most talented Czech players in the mid-1990s, but the hot-headed player caught the eye of PSV Eindhoven. The Dutch signed a preliminary contract with Nedvedd and his agent Zdenek Nehoda, but another Zden Zeman had previously captained Lazio to buy his compatriot, but the club bribed the buyer for 500,000 euros – then the Blonde midfielder against the Italians, and by then Lazio would have taken it.

After Nedvd finally withdrew from his contract with PSV (let's just say Mino Rayola …), the Romans paid him 3.5m euros – Nehoda screwed up the issue so he doesn't have to transfer the agreed thirty percent to Skoda Plzen. For a penny, the football was sold to Casa (the owner of the Rezes clan was with Sparta Prague, Nedved's team), who moved to Serie A from there. After all, the Plzen people simply raised one million euros for themselves.

Even more interesting is that it is before the tournament MSV Duisburg could buy Nedvd for almost a penny, but for some reason he wanted to wait for the end of Eb, some said the Germans trusted Nedved and the Czech team to enter the tournament …

It didn't take long for Nedved to justify himself to Juventus: One year before moving to Turin in 2000, Manchester United offered only $ 41 million, which Juve would eventually buy, doubling his annual salary of $ 3 million. English – right then Lazio hadn't sold it yet.

The driver would love it!
Joseph Bosik – Kecskemét, 1945
Josef Raduli – Ferencvaros

Andras Kyo writes in his book Bozsik that he wanted to prove Kecskemét in 1945 to then-20-year-old Joseph Bozsik, but the player wanted to sign a suit and coat.

"It's not worth it," Ketchemeth's wise leaders say. "Learn to play football a little more!"

The son of the great conductor did not become a patriot for any reason …

The then employee of Ferencvaros (more precisely BP Kinissi) cannot be proud of the fact that in 1953 he was not dressed for what had otherwise been transformed by a Soviet hostage Józsefért Raduly. Vasa knew how much treasure they had, not to mention that they were given clothes and an apartment.

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