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in a coordinated operation they will be kidnapped by a suitcase at Budapest Airport

Strangely, in a coordinated operation, the luggage was stolen at Budapest airport

"This is well calculated for the wages of operators to sneeze," concluded the essence of Liszt Ferenc Square's depreciation depreciation to index workers.

Strangely, in a coordinated operation, the luggage was stolen at Budapest airport

The informant who asked for his name to be silent was said to be willing to speak because the status at the airport in Budapest would flood him on time to do his job honestly. The looting of packages is a continuing problem at Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

"This is not a package opening at the airport building. Package trips are rotated all the time, workers from various companies work together, there are also airport staff. Stretching starts when the package leaves the building and moves towards the plane," the informant explained. However, this aircraft runs regularly for decades.

Loaders work on a three-level brigade.

One of them put a suitcase on a treadmill and two people in the luggage compartment. One of the workers in the baggage compartment is the loader and the other is the operator. At the beginning of the job, the opening man built a wall on a suitcase that was difficult to open, mostly from a box with tin foil.

Loader tasks are the most complex. It takes physical strength to get rid of the package that comes from the conveyor belt. However, you also need good intuition and routine to decide for a moment, whether you have a promising suitcase or something you don't want to handle. In the last case, he placed items in the trunk.

However, if you consider it worthy of a bundle, throw it behind the wall inside. The robbery comes here, which opens it quickly, scans the suitcase and finally returns it to the rest.

The team accidentally worked in such an organization. "This machine costs up to half an hour. There are only two people working for three people, because one of them cares about the opening."

"Flight baggage is thought to be controlled at some point. There are police who sometimes come, but they are most easily recognized. Every car at the airport has a company sign, if we see a civilian car, then obviously they are police," he explained.
In the baggage compartment, of course, security guards also work with cameras to record everything to work properly.

"The loaders told the guards when they rotated the camera," he told him about how easy it was to avoid this security measure. "This is overweight, people who every hour collide with loaders for all money."

Deprivation is caused by low wages of workers and, on the other hand, due to a shortage of labor – the newspaper wrote.

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