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On August 15, Hollywood, which was probably the most anticipated movie of the year, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, once again plays a major role in the crime, which he still doesn't want to be forgotten after fifty years. But why?

Well, we can't just sew in the media that Charles Manson's lyrics even live on the album of one of the most famous rock bands, and we need that unquenchable (painful? Pathological?) Curiosity about the psychology of serial killers. This is a great thing, but we somehow put it together so if we read this in the title

Roman Polanski's pregnant wife was slaughtered with sixteen stabs,

then we click, browse, buy a magazine, start a video, buy a movie ticket.

The afterlife of the atrocities of the Manson family is also interesting, since the Mansons are actually insignificant compared to the serial killer-eternity rankings, but if we're here, well-known figures like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Sutcliffe or Andrei Chikatilo are not part of from the elite. Still, no one wants to make a movie about Javed Iqbal, a Pakistani who dissolves hundreds of acid victims or is active in South America – very active: approx. 200 victims – For Luis Garavito. (Although I bet quite a few people are chewing on these names now).

The pop culture career needs something else, which is why films, series, Manson documentaries, animated films, soundtracks and rock operas have been processed by their tens of millions of articles and books and regularly launched by various elite schools.

The Mansons were just in the right place in California two years after 1967, also called "Summer of Love," in the midst of the hippie era, just before Woodstock and Altamont, thanks to Manson's lyric / composer ambitions before doing anything. And then we didn't even talk about the victims, especially the actress Sharon Tate, or the defendant's behavior in court. It just wasn't possible to walk past them just like that, and the entertainment industry had no idea.

We have described in more detail the series of murders in this article, in brief:

On August 8, 1969, at the request of Charles Manson, four of his followers, 21-year-old Susan Atkins and Patricia Cranwinkel, 23-year-old Charles Tex and Watson, and 20-year-old Linda Casabian went to a luxury home in Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles. The 26-year-old model actress was living with her husband Roman Polanski, and according to Manson's instructions, were killed: 18-year-old Stephen Parent, eight-and-a-half-month-old Sharon Tate, a hairdresser named Jay Sebring and Wojtek Frikowski. and his girlfriend Abigail Folger The next day, with Manson and a 20-year-old girl named Leslie van Hutten, they went to the house of the LaBianca couple, where they ended up with their 44-year-old supermarket owner and wife. the other was killed at his behest.

Wikipedia's Charles Manson in Culture article lists 24 movies / episodes / document, we tried to capture the most important and added some literary works.

The family - Ed Sanders

The family – Ed Sanders

It appeared in 1971, when Manson's process was still in full swing. Its author was an important figure in the anti-cultural movement, also known as a poet, musician and anti-war activist. Ed Sanders began his investigations with the assumption that the Mansons were innocent and police pulled the killings on them to end the hippie movement. It was enough to spend a few evenings with the existing Manson commune to change his mind. However, the book failed to make much of an impact, partly because of Sanders' weird sarcastic style and language, and partly because the author instead constructed the first one to construct a rather wild conspiracy theory that he could not prove in court.

Helter Skelter – Vincent Bullossi

This book, published in 1974, is by no means considered to be Manson's most detailed, in-depth book, the main work of the entire Manson legend: it was written by the Attorney General himself, who was well aware of the details of the investigation.

Buliosi is obliged because he accepted more or less of the details in this book as Manson's motive, here for the first time he collected the story of a disappointed musician who wanted to run but did not go, so he scared the record producer to go before lived in the house where Tate was at the time of the murder, etc. One of the best-selling crime documentaries so far, the author is so immersed in the genre that he writes more crime and political books for the rest of his life instead of prosecuting.

If we have a lot of free time, this year's chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA and The Secret History of the Sixties (Tom O & # 39; Neil & Dan Pipenbring), which collects Manson-related containers (CIA LSD experiments, etc.), or last year's documentary, "Manson Women and Me: Monsters, Morality and Murder," which interviewed two members of the Manson family in prison, Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkel, what it was like to be a sectarian woman in the sixties.

NBC Minister in 26 episodes involved David Duchovny in the late 60's, including the Manson family and the killings themselves. Spiritual plays a Los Angeles detective investigating a missing girl and thus portrays Manson (Getin Anthony). One thing to keep in mind for the series is that the creators wanted to make a story that wasn't really true; it's about the age, the mood, the hippies and the overestimation of the investigators, not the Manson family.

A television movie based on the book Bugliosi, which premiered in the US, split into cinemas in Europe with nudity and even more bloody scenes. The movie was no surprise to anyone, Bugliosi's book was filmed and transmitted. Manson is played by Steve Railsback. In 2004, he got a new remake with Jeremy Davis playing Manson, but this movie was more about Linda Casabian (he was the driver in both murders).

American Horror Story: The Sect (Seventh Season, Part 10, 2017)

By the end of the seventh season of the anthology series, the Manson episode in which they repeated the killings was bloody good. Manson is played by Evan Peters.

South Park: Merry Christmas, Charlie Manson! (second season, part 16, 1998)


Uncle Howard and Charles Manson are escaping from prison and since the boys want to see Kulaba at the mall, Manson goes with them to the guard. Police recognize Manson, he will be chased and then captured as a hostage when Manson finds himself with Cartman. He then gives in, sings a Christmas song and goes back to shit.

Horror with her involvement in a documentary about Mansons in 1996. For the sake of authenticity, former members of the sect remember the past and recount their segments. In general, he became known or rather infamous for orgies, mass sex, stupid and cruel scenes. Critics still loved him.


Initially, Leslie appeared in the title, Manson later. The story is about a typical American girl from high school who achieves everything she can at school, adores, studies well, but for some reason becomes obsessed with the Manson clan and then, before she can say so, a pair of wooden slippers, i.e. . , and is awaiting the death penalty. By the way, the central theme of the movie is that one of the jurors, Linda, is whining. Kristen Hager plays Linda, Ryan Robbins and Manson.

Starring Matt Smith, starring Hannah Murray, Sosi Bacon, Marianna Rhedon, Merit Weaver, Sookie Waterhouse, Chase Crawford and Annette Gish, director Mary Harren participates in the Manson Family Prison years after the murder of the Wife Festival the question: what if these women were victims too?

The Pursuit of Sharon Tate (2019)

Starring Hilary Duff, Daniel Farands shoots a horror murder thriller based on the premise that Tate told a journalist in 1968 a dream in which he cut his throat with a friend. We jump a year ahead and Tate's life becomes more sinister than characters, little things that make her more likely to die soon. The critics shouted.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

We wrote about Tarantino's movie:

Once upon a time … Hollywood is an endlessly sad film, a footprint of a bygone era in which, at the end of their careers, men dancing to the edge of the abyss try to sweat more and more with their palms they don't know they are slipping or the planet rotates without them. Great suffering which, after a long resonance, leads to terrible violence and then to a sentimental end.

Murders and Manson himself are not the central theme of the film, which is more general about the era, but the era is unspoken without the Mansons. The leader of the sect is played by Damon Heriman, who will be featured in Mindhunter's upcoming season.

Manson is known for playing with Sonic Youth in Death Valley & # 39; 69, David Bowie in Sweet Thing, Ozzy Osbourne on Bloodbath in Paradise and his "family". Singer Marilyn Manson took her name directly, combining it with another Marilyn Monroe icon, as British band Casabian chose to name one of Manson's girls, Linda Casabian, "because it sounds good."

The biggest scandal was sparked by the Guns N & # 39; s Roses? Spaghetti album, which includes a look at your game, a girl written by Manson and featured on Lie, The Love And Terror Cult's 1970 album d. According to the group, the song was not mentioned directly; Manson was not mentioned on the cover and a 1971 court order. ($ 62,000 for every one million copies sold) he received no song after song – the son of Wojciech (Wojciech) Frikowski, who was also killed that day.

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