Sunday , June 13 2021

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She plays the incredible veteran battle for the Sampdoria season, Fabio Kawagirlarella: on Saturday he did not stop and two inaugurators took part in the victory over Udinese with 4-0 and among others put legendary Battistuta record from legendary Argentina.

The chances of the match were clearly Sampdoria, but their first goal was to wait 33 minutes when Defrel fell inside the team. At first it seemed to have been spoiled, but after a few visits it looked like a huge slogan he had done, so he had to get a map.

At the same time, the judge did not see him, so the punishment was sold by Kagilasharella with confidence to sell him, not only to lead to Sampdoria, but to take the lead.

He placed the previous record of Gabriel Battistuta's league as he was in the 11th game of the series.

In addition, he managed to take him down, and in the second half he was sent to a penalty by a hand and hit the ball with elemental strength, he jumped 28th to Serie A scorer, to Cristian Vérit.

Later Linetty and Gabbiadini scored a goal, and the latter found Quagliarella crashing. So Sampdoria wins smoothly, and 35-year-old Quagliarella has gone on an incredible march: along with today's game, he has 16 goals and 6 assists this year, with Cristiano Ronaldo in front of the scorer.

Similarly, Sassuolo defeated Cagliari on Saturday and the game ended 3-0.


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